How Long Should You Wait to Benefit from Using the Phallosan Forte?

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The Phallosan Forte is known to be one of the most popular penis enlargement devices in the market today. However, there are a few good reasons why. A 14-year track record of providing quality service, a number of proven clinical studies, and the product’s overall effectiveness are reasons why Phallosan Forte is widely used by men who are aiming to increase their penis’ length and girth.

Now, the Phallosan Forte is actually regarded as the best penis extender with its intelligent design which ensures maximum comfort to its user. Although that’s not its main goal. It also helps in correcting penis curvature, improve erectile dysfunction, and even give you an overall boost in your sexual health.

Why use Phallosan Forte?

One of Phallosan Forte’s selling points lies in the comfort it gives to its wearer. The manufacturer claims that due to the comfort the device gives, you can wear it even as you sleep without suffering from any discomfort. Although it might sound too good to be true, it’s actually a proven fact that a lot of Phallosan Forte users can attest to.

How does it work?

The device works by moderately stretching your penis. This moderate tension will slowly break down the tissue within your penis. Given enough time, the tissue will recover and grow bigger, stronger, and longer than before.

The concept is actually similar to manual stretching, except that it has less pressure but with a longer duration. It’s just like doing a low-moderate stretching manually for a few hours a day.

It can be compared to lifting weights on a regular basis. Although penile tissue is different from a skeletal muscle tissue, it shares the same reaction to resistance training. Hence, once the Phallosan Forte starts inducing fatigue into your penile tissue, and you allow it some time to recover, it will eventually get bigger.

How to use it

To start, simply put your penis’ tip into the little rubber cover. Afterward, get the glass bell condom then roll its sleeve over. Slip the head of your penis into it, then reroll the sleeve to cover your penis.

After completing the setup, you may then start to pump the bell pump, creating a gentle pressure which in turn can result in a vacuum-like effect for properly holding everything in place.

Lastly, attach the belt system to your penis’ base, around your hips, then to the other end of the belt and the device. This will tend to create a continuous tension which will gradually stretch your penis, making it grow even larger and longer.

How long should you use it?

There’s actually no strict recommendations that the manufacturer has specified. However, we suggest wearing it for at least 6 hours every single day in order to enjoy the maximum benefits.

If you find it a bit harder, you can break down the entire 6-hour duration into a number of sessions. You can also wear on it as you sleep. Continue doing so, and within a span of 6 months of continuous usage, you can surely notice some positive and permanent results.

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