Vigrx Plus Reviews and Results (Just Updated 2018)

VigRX Plus Review

Millions of men around the world suffer from a decreased sex drive and erectile dysfunction as they age. You may also suffer from erectile dysfunction due to a number of other reasons such as low blood pressure or performance-related anxiety. If you struggle to get and maintain full, hard erections for whatever reason – even if you have not been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction – you are eligible to try VigRX Plus. With or without a diagnosis, if prescription pills are not your first preference, then VigRX Plus might be the way to go.

In this article, we will look at what is in VigRX Plus, what it does and doesn’t do, and whether it really works. We will be looking at both clinical trials as well as user reviews to really see if VigRX Plus works and if it is the right choice for you.

What is VigRX Plus?

VigRX Plus is an over the counter supplement for improving male sexual health. It is a clinically tested proprietary poly-herbal preparation (say that three times fast!) for male sexual function. The supplement has been marketed by the company Leading Edge Health since 2001, and is endorsed by celebrity doctor Dr Steven Liamm, author of the best-selling “Hardness Factor”.

What is in VigRX Plus?

The ingredients that makeup VigRX Plus are all 100% natural and were picked because of their natural properties that increase libido and blood circulation to the genital area, resulting in bigger, longer lasting erections. We will go through the five main ingredients to show their biological function in helping to produce and maintain stronger erections, as well as helping increase sex drive and stamina.

BioPerine – this forms the base of VigRX Plus, and helps the body to absorb potent substances. It is made into an extract (called Piperine) from Indian black pepper fruit. BioPerine can increase absorption by up to 35%, which is what makes VigRX Plus so effective.

Asian Red Ginseng – used for thousands of years as an aphrodisiac in traditional Chinese medicine, Red Ginseng improves blood circulation which leads to stronger erections.

Damiana (Turnera Aphrodisiaca) – another aphrodisiac used since the time of the Mayans which increases sexual stamina.

Epimedium Leaf Extract (Horny Goat Weed) – the active component of this plant extract (Icariin) is known to increase sex drive. Its colloquial name is said to come from a traditional story whereby a Chinese goat herder discovered its effects on libido upon seeing how his goats reacted after eating the plant!

Muria Pauma Bark Extract (Ptychopetalum Olacoides) – this plant extract was traditionally used in South America, and has now been placed in the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia as a treatment for erectile dysfunction as well as dysentery.

These five main ingredients all have scientific studies which provide clinical evidence for their effects in boosting sexual desire, libido and creating longer lasting erections. As well as these important ingredients, VigRX Plus also contains the following aphrodisiacs:

  • Saw Palmetto
  • Gingko Biloba
  • Cascuta Seed Extract
  • Hawthorn Berry
  • Tribulus Terrestris

Head to the VigRX Plus website for more details, and make sure you check the full list of ingredients before consumption, especially if you have any allergies. If you do react to this medication, make sure you take the ingredients list with you when you see your doctor.

What does VigRX do?

All the above ingredients work together to increase blood flow to the penis, resulting in a larger than normal erection which will last as long as you need it to. The aphrodisiacs will increase both your sex drive and your sexual stamina, as well as your sexual appetite.

After 30 – 60 days of taking VigRX Plus, you will start to notice an increase in your desire for sex, and you will be able to perform better and last longer than usual. It will also give you more intense orgasms!

Whilst your erections will look larger and feel harder than normal, your penis will go back to its original size once your erection goes down. VigRX Plus is not designed for permanent penis enlargement.

Another thing VigRX Plus is not designed to do is give you any unwanted side effects. After many rigorous clinical human trials, VigRX Plus has been proven to not produce any harmful or negative side effects. However, if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or allergies, you should consult your doctor before consuming.

Clinical Studies

These are all very big claims, so let’s look at the science behind them. Below are some clinical studies on VigRX Plus that have been published in peer review scientific journals. This means that before being published, other scientists within the same field have looked over the studies and found them worthy of being published in the scientific world as well as for the general public.

Vedic Life Science – 75 men aged between 25 and 50 were studied over a period of 45 days. This study was triple-blind, randomized and placebo-controlled, so neither the researchers nor the participants knew who was taking VigRX Plus and who was taking a placebo. This prevented any patient or researcher bias from affecting the results.

They found that VigRX Plus outshined the placebo with:

  • 72% increase in intercourse satisfaction
  • 61% increase in ability to maintain an erection
  • 64% increase in overall sexual satisfaction
  • 59% increase in ability to penetrate the partner
  • 47% increase in sex drive and sexual desire
  • 23% increase in frequency and quality of orgasms

BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2012, 12:155 – this study was randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled, and was conducted on parallel groups across different centers. They concluded that VigRX Plus was safe to use and more effective than a placebo in improving the participants’ sexual function.

The Open Natural Products Journal, 2010, 3, 10-19 – this study found that VigRX Plus is safe and efficient in aiding male erectile function.

Iranian Journal of Psychiatry, 2010 Winter, 5(1): 4-6 – this study was also double-blind and placebo-controlled, and found that VigRX Plus slightly improved sexual stamina in participants who suffered from premature ejaculation.

Does VigRX have any side effects?

In all of the above studies, none of the participants suffered any negative side effects, proving that this all natural supplement is safe to use. However, double check with your doctor if you have any pre-existing medical conditions (especially heart conditions) or any known allergies before taking VigRX Plus.

Even though VigRX Plus is made from natural ingredients, it has still not been approved by the FDA. This does not mean to say that it isn’t safe, just that it hasn’t received its certificate yet. With all the studies conducted and a large number of satisfied customers, it doesn’t look like there is anything to worry about health-wise. If you are not happy with VigRX Plus, you can even return their products for a full refund with their 67-day money back guarantee.

Advantages and Disadvantages of taking VigRX Plus

To sum up, let’s take one final look at the pros and cons of VigRX Plus. The good things that this all natural supplement can do for you are: increase size and strength of erections by increasing blood flow to the genital area, help erections last longer, increase sexual desire and stamina, and increase orgasm frequency and intensity. This is great for men of any age who suffer from erectile dysfunction, diagnosed or not.

Whilst your erections will be larger than normal on VigRX Plus, it will not permanently increase the size of your penis. If you are looking for permanent enlargement, we recommend looking at something like the Bathmate penis pumps instead. The only other disadvantage is if you happen to be allergic to any of the ingredients, or your pre-existing medical condition(s) and/or the medication you take for it/them prevents you from being able to take VigRX Plus. There are plenty of alternatives on the market though, it’s just a matter of finding the one that works for you.

Customer Reviews and Results

We’ve looked at VigRX Plus in depth, from what it is to what it does, all backed by clinical human studies published in peer-reviewed journals. Now it is time to look at some customer reviews.

“I started taking VigRX Plus a few months ago to aid my 15 minutes of daily penis exercises, and by the third month I was hungry for sex all the time! I could get rock hard erections in a matter of seconds, and my penis size increased in both length and girth! The price is a bit high but so are the results.”



“I did not like the price at first, but I eventually gave in as I was tired of not being able to satisfy my girlfriend. I took one pill after dinner instead of two to make them last longer. After one month I noticed that I lasted longer in bed, and I can now make my girlfriend cum a couple of times before I finish. I am so grateful!”



“Whilst VigRX Plus does increase blood flow to the penis, for me the only way to prevent premature ejaculation is by doing Kegels. This will help you hold it in for longer. For me, these pills did not work.”



“VigRX Plus does NOT enlarge your penis, it only increases your sexual desire and makes your erections last longer. For those who are misinformed, drugs will not do anything for penis enlargement. You will have to use stretchers, pumps or extenders for that.”



“VigRX Plus is a great erection and sex drive enhancer. For me the effects weren’t mind blowing, but my penis is harder than before, and I can now go for extra rounds of sex that I couldn’t do before.”


Vigrx Plus


Clinically Tested


Customer Feedback


Effect on Erection



  • Backed by Scientific studies
  • Improved Erection
  • Safe Ingredients


  • Not Cheap
  • Takes 2 to 4 weeks to show effect

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