5 Best Leg Press Machines for an Effective Leg Workout Session

Leg press machines are the most effective way to develop strength and real muscles in your legs. This type of equipment is not only useful in building well-defined legs but also in relieving back pressure due to squats. With a lot of leg press machines sold in the market, it may be confusing to choose which is the right one for you.

There are many fitness machines claiming that their product is the best. Therefore, it is most likely that you will end up purchasing equipment that is not worthy of your money. Having tested and compared some of these brands with the help of reviews from fitness experts, below are our top 5 picks of the best leg press machines in the market.

Our Recommended Picks for a Leg Press Machine

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Body-Solid Leg Press/Squat Machine

Body-Solid is one of the best sellers of home fitness equipment. Their leg press/squat machine is safe to use and famous for the comfort it gives. The hack squats use the support of the machine to help you enjoy an effective exercise. Unlike other leg machines on the market, this particular product perfectly works on the calves, gluteus muscles, and quads while easing the pain you experience on your bones and joints. You would certainly not feel overfatigued after using this machine.best leg press machine

The machine comes with a number of amazing features which include the following:

  • Back and Shoulder Support – the unique design of the machine includes a thick padding which is meant to support the back and shoulder of its users. The padding used is made of high quality DuraFirm. You will surely not feel any discomfort; instead, you will feel the firmness of the padding while working out.
  • Gauge Diamond Plate Foot Platforms – the Body-Solid machine has a heavy diamond plate that is designed to prevent the risk of slipping. The platform will allow you to have an excellent foot grip and allow you to work out with full force.
  • Lockout – the makers of this product put comfort and safety in mind while designing the machine. It comes with 3 lockouts position which job is to prevent its users from getting stuck while working out.
  • Quad track roller based system – the machine has a built-in quad track roller which slides easily while you’re working on your calf and quad muscles. It operates perfectly and allows your body weight to distribute evenly when performing an exercise.

The machine measures 56” high, 34” wide, and 83” long. Users over 6 feet will fit comfortably and can use the equipment with ease. Meanwhile, while it’s a bit pricey at $1320, the quality you can get from the product is certainly worth every penny.

Powerline PVLP156X Vertical Leg Press

Another product that made it on our list is the very affordable leg press machine by Powerline. If the space of your house is what stops you from buying a leg press machine, then this equipment is the solution to your problem. The best part about the Powerline leg press is that it has important features that will help you do proper exercises such as the following:

  • Back and Neck Support – since back and neck pain is very common after an extreme work out, Powerline has improved their features to prevent such consequences. A thick padding is added to the backrest and to the equipment’s benches so that users will stay comfortable even when performing intense workouts.
  • Dual Adjustable Steel Locking Pins – the equipment has steel lock pins which are adjustable to suit your comfort preference. You can adjust the pins in accordance to your height and leg length. You can also adjust the machine through the pins as your workout become intense.
  • Nylon Bushing – the equipment’s nylon bushing is included to offer you a smooth motion. This feature guides each user to perform safe and proper exercises.
  • Solid Desk – the solid desk is made of diamond plate steel which offers slip resistance and ensures a perfect grip on your foot. This allows for more safety when using the equipment.

The Powerline leg press is a definite space saver. It has a width of 48”, length of 46”, and measures around 54-61” high. It’s also relatively affordable at only $329.

Weider Ultimate Body Works

If you can’t afford those expensive leg press machine, this equipment works essentially the same and is certainly a good alternative. This budget-friendly equipment surely won’t disappoint you. It comes with a low price but has a number of useful features that is not only for leg workouts but also for the other parts of your body including your arms, hips, back, waist, calves, and thighs.

Some of the features include:

  • Adjustable Incline Bench – the machine features an adjustable bench which you can adjust based on what you prefer.
  • Pulley System – you can gain access to a lot of workout motions through the equipment’s pulley system. With this, you can target specific muscles in your body that you want to improve.
  • Space-Saving Design – those who do not have a huge space at home will love this equipment as it won’t occupy a lot of space. In fact, you can just keep them below your bed due to its space-saving, foldable design.
  • Resistance Bands – the Weider machine features 4 bands to increase the weight resistance. It can support up to a maximum of 50 pounds.

If you are on a tight budget but still want to benefit from a leg press machine, the Weider is for you. It’s available at only $147.

Yukon Fitness Vertical Leg Press

This one is included in the list because it’s a best seller and capable of giving its users an intense leg workout. Most people love the equipment because it provides a lot of important functions and features despite its really affordable price tag. It has a narrow design that will fit on homes with limited space.

Features include:

  • Back Support – the equipment offers excellent back support so you can move properly and in a good position without straining your back.
  • Dimensions – this equipment is a definite space saver. It measures 38” wide, 28” long, and 50” high. The equipment can accommodate up to 600lbs.
  • Three Position Lock – the equipment has three position lock so you can work out safely during intense workout sessions.
  • Non-Slip Foot Plates – same with other fitness machines, it also offers a non-slipping platform. It offers large foot plates to provide you with comfort and support.

It only costs $329.99 and offers a lifetime warranty.

XMark Leg Press Hack Squat XM-7616

The XMark leg press is another amazingly designed fitness machine. It works perfectly for your legs without giving you a lot of knee pressure. Although it is among the most expensive fitness equipment sold in the market, its quality and features will never let you down.

Some of its features are as follows:

  • Hack Squats and Calf Presses – the machine will help you support on your half squat and calf presses routines. You also don’t need a spotter when you work out using this equipment.
  • Footboards – the footboards on this machine feature various settings. The solid footplates allow you to adjust up to 4 diverse positions to cater to different types of workout.
  • Padded Shoulder, Back and Head Rest – the Xmark gives extreme support on your shoulder, back, and head. It has a very snug padding made of Duraguard vinyl, not to mention it’s resistant to liquid and sweat.
  • Solid Construction – the Xmark has a solid construction with a steel gauge measuring 2” x 3” and 2” x 2”.

The machine is quite large. It measures 35.5” wide and 87” long. Additionally, it can carry up to 1000lbs. and is quite expensive at $1,849. While certainly not a budget-friendly option, its long lasting quality and the lifetime warranty it offers is very worthy.

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Why is a Leg Press Machine Ideal for Use at Home?

There are several varieties of leg press machines that you can use in a lot of gyms and commercial fitness centers. However, with the improvement and advancement of the fitness industry, leg press machines become handy and can even be used at home. Due to their affordability, many fitness lovers become hooked and make the equipment their go-to leg press workout equipment. In case you want to know why you should use a leg press machine at home, here are reasons why:

They allow you to save a lot of time

Aside from saving money with leg press machines, you can also save time by doing your leg workout at home. You don’t need to spend money and time on the gym as you can always work out anytime you want with your own fitness equipment.

They’re quite affordable

For most people, the cost is among the many factors that affect their decision-making with regards to buying a leg press machine. However, you should not worry about the price of the equipment as you can always find affordable ones. The cheapest leg press machines available in the market costs $200. Compared to the money you will spend on the gym, the price of these machines is very worthy and reasonable.

Support advanced functionality

Most leg press machines in the market have advanced features like advanced footboards, solid construction, back and neck support, etc. This is because fitness makers want to offer a comfortable and more convenient workout session. You can definitely enjoy many features and advance your workout as you go along.

Perfectly designed to fit your size

The machines that you usually see in the gyms are heavy and of standard size. If you are a beginner, the machine may not be applicable for you, and you may feel awkward using it. If this is the case, the compact leg press machine is perfect for you. They often come with a cheaper price and are adjustable so you could easily use it safely and comfortably.

This short video below demonstrates how you can properly perform leg exercises using a leg press machine:

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Advantages of Using a Leg Press Machine

All fitness exercises including leg workout are good for one’s health. The use of leg press machine offers a lot of benefits when it comes to muscle strength and overall performance of your body. Here are some of the important benefits you can get when using leg press machines.

Easy Changing of Your Foot Positions

The machine allows you to switch your foot comfortably to focus on the multiple parts of your legs. The foot platform also offers safety and comfort as it comes with anti-slipping features. You can surely achieve the better shape you desire with the leg press machine.

Strengthen quadriceps

The equipment is perfect to improve your quadriceps. Most of the forces you use while you exercise come from your quadriceps. Therefore, leg presses are highly beneficial for your health. The up and down movement helps give you have strong and toned legs.

Good alternative for squat

Squats are the most effective exercise for the legs; however, not all people can perform it due to physical limitations. A leg press machine is the best alternative for that. If you can’t perform squats, you can easily increase your ability and strength through the use of the equipment.

Build muscular legs

A leg workout is great in developing muscles on both legs. The leg press machine enables you to target the muscles you want to improve on your legs. Most importantly, you don’t need to use your stabilizer muscles while you work out as you can exercise easily through the equipment.

Prevent putting too much pressure on your back

Putting pressure extensively on your back is a bad thing. However, this equipment prevents pressure on the back as it’s designed to push weights from your legs.

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How a Leg Press Machine Allows You to Work Out Effectively

The most common mistake people do with the machine is that they focus too much on their weight and not on the correct range of motion. They don’t know that by overlooking the use of proper motion, they prevent themselves from gaining all the benefits the machine provides. Here’s how you could work on your leg press machines effectively.

Its proper arrangement removes weight off your back

Many studies say that squatting can bring damage to your spinal column. When you squat, a lot of pressure is put on your back. Fortunately, the machine can remedy this problem. A leg press machine will offer you with the right arrangement support in your back. The proper positioning it provides will help you exercise effectively.

It allows you to perform more squats

A leg press machine will help improve the number of squats you can perform. Additionally, your legs are said to have a lot more strength compared to any other parts on your body. With the use of a leg press machine, it’s possible to enhance and improve leg strength efficiently.

It keeps injuries away

The use of the equipment while working out prevents the risks of injury. The good thing about this machine is that you can always adjust it so you could use it at your own convenience. It only places weights that your body permits, thus allowing you to possibly avoid all sorts of injury.

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Things you should look for when buying a leg press machine


Though it’s quite exciting to purchase a leg press machine, it is always better to be informed so you can find the best deals in the market. Here are some important things to bear in mind before you purchase a leg press machine for your home:


Space is one important factor to consider when buying a fitness equipment for your home. It does not look good to purchase a leg press machine that occupies the space meant for other equipment. Before you make a leg press machine purchase, think first if the equipment will fit in the space where you want to place it. Measure the available area and carefully check the dimensions of the equipment before you make a purchase.


Of course, your budget is a primary concern when buying a fitness machine. You should first know your budget and research a number of leg press machines that you can afford. There are many expensive fitness machines out there as well as inexpensive ones.

In spite of a very limited budget, you can certainly find a product that can give you the features you’ll need in a leg press machine. Just make sure to look for something that will fit in your budget before you make a choice.


Customers tend to overlook the construction of the fitness machine when they buy one. If you are not a smart buyer, you may end up with a poorly constructed leg press machine. Look for equipment that is made of 11-gauge steel and at least 2” by 3” wide.

Pads and Bearings

Search for a machine that has polyurethane pads. You tend to release sweat in your body while you work out, and this type of pad will help prevent stinky smell. Brass bearings that can be impregnated by oil are also a must as they will maintain the equipment and protect against damages.


Before you buy one, you have to try the comfort level an equipment will provide. A piece of good quality equipment is the one that won’t give you shoulder pain, back pain, and neck pain, etc. after an intense workout. Take time to read customer reviews and focus on the negative comments. This way, you will be able to determine which brand you should avoid once you are about to buy the equipment in the market.

Muscle Strength

If you’re not mindful of choosing a fitness machine, you may end up buying something that is not appropriate for your specific needs. Make sure you decide which muscle you want to develop. Make thorough research so you will be able to buy a leg press machine that is right for you.

Risks and Injuries

You must know that risk and injuries are commonly associated with leg press machines. If your posture is not positioned properly, it is very likely that you will suffer from injury. The equipment comes with great features specially designed to give you comfort and allow you to work out with ease. As much as possible, you need to make sure that you won’t suffer from injuries. There are a lot of leg press machines that will help users work out properly, and you have to make sure that you get to buy one.



Leg presses are the most effective workout which helps improve and strengthen your lower half. Whether you are doing them for your warm up sessions or as an exercise, it is very ideal that you make use of a leg press machine. Although it is always good to stay fit, your pocket has to be the first priority when deciding to buy a leg press machine.

When looking for the perfect equipment, there are many things to consider. With so many opinions and tips provided in this article, the truth is it’s only you who knows which one is the best choice.

Hopefully, we’re able to provide you the information you need regarding the best machines in the market and to guide you through the buying process. As always, go for the leg press machine that can meet your workout needs and fit your budget.

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