Best Legal Steroids Alternatives 2019

The Beginner’s Guide to the Best Legal Alternatives to Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids can boost athletic performance and increase muscle mass, but the potential side effects can be horrendous. The good news is that there’s a way to get the good without the bad. 

It’s very telling that the use of anabolic steroids for athletic competitions began with the US and USSR rivalry during the Olympics. Scientists and trainers found out that synthetic testosterone can boost muscle mass and strength, and athletes began using them en masse for competitive advantage. It was only later that it was found out that the benefits can come at a terrible cost to the athlete’s health.

The good news is that there are legal alternatives to these anabolic steroids. These supplements have been tailored to mimic the same effects, but not the side effects. These alternatives are both legal and safe, while they also do work for many athletes. 

Here’s a closer look at some of the more famous anabolic steroids and how you can replace them with better alternatives:


Dianabol is perhaps the most popular anabolic steroid of them all. Since it was first used for the muscle-building way back in 1955, countless athletes have used it. It’s relatively affordable, and athletes love that they can just take it orally instead of injecting it. It also provides quick and efficient results, with some athletes showing off at least 15 pounds of muscles after just a month. 

Dianabol works in a variety of ways to produce muscles quickly. It increases the levels of free testosterone in your body, leading to greater muscle mass and strength. This even boosts your libido, while you’re better able to shed off fat. 

Protein synthesis improves, which means your body is better able to use the protein you consume for muscle-building. This improvement in protein synthesis is due to the increased retention of nitrogen in your muscles. The blood flow to your muscles also increases, which makes your muscles grow faster. 

On the downside, the most common and most serious problem is liver damage. This can get so bad you can actually die from it. Your blood pressure will rise, and so will the risk of heart disease. Depression can be a problem, and you may have trouble sleeping. Your behavior can change as you can become more aggressive. 

Other problems include hair loss, severe acne, and smaller testicles. These may not seem as serious, but they’re problematic if the point of developing muscles is to attract women. Having lots of pimples when you’re balding may not be all that attractive. 

Using D-Bal as the Alternative

D-Bal is the legal alternative to Dianabol, and in fact, it was designed for this specific task. It also enables your muscle tissues to retain more nitrogen, leading to improved protein synthesis that leads to bigger muscles when you take more protein.

Like Dianabol, you take D-Bal orally. You just need 3 tablets with water each day, and you can take all 3 tablets about 45 minutes after you’re done with your workout.

D-Bal Ingredients

D-Bal is absolutely safe, as there are no synthetic compounds contained in the ingredients. It only contains natural extracts and substances. There are no side effects to worry about, and your liver will be absolutely safe. 

Here’s a look at some of the main D-Bal ingredients:

  • Whey protein. You probably know by now that you need protein to build muscles. Your body absorbs and uses whey protein very quickly, so it really helps when you’re using it to build muscle. This is why you should take all the 3 capsules about 45 minutes after you work out, as your muscles will use the whey protein for rebuilding. 

Whey protein is also known to contain lots of BCAAs, which is a special type of amino acid that helps with protein synthesis. 

  • Tribulus Terrestris. This is one of the more popular extracts that can be found in many other muscle-building supplements. It’s well-known as a natural testosterone booster. Even folk healers in Asia have used this for centuries to treat various symptoms of low testosterone such as reduced libido and lethargy. 

You do need to take a 10-day rest from D-Bal after doing a 2-month cycle. This keeps your body from adapting to the supplement, which can reduce the benefits after repeated use. But after 10 days, you can then resume another 2-month cycle and you can do this as long as you want. 

D-Bal is of course not perfect. It may be cheaper than anabolic steroids, but its price may be a bit higher than many of the other supplements out there. That’s because of the premium quality of the ingredients. 

In addition, you can’t just buy this anywhere. You have to buy it from the Crazy Bulk manufacturer’s website. Still, it should be able to deliver to your doorstep and you can use it with no worries. It’s both safe and legal. 


Tren, as many users of Trenbolone fondly call it, is also an extremely popular performance-enhancing drug. It’s able to help you build muscle even as you shed fat so you can get a very chiseled body. It slows down muscle breakdown while it also dampens your metabolic rate. 

Technically, it’s not actually an anabolic steroid. But its benefits are similar, as you enjoy greater nitrogen retention and boost your red blood cell count. Your body also maximizes the nutritional value you get from protein, so that virtually every mg of protein you consume is devoted to building bigger muscles. 

Tren is also considered as arguably the most powerful steroid of them all. Its effects are greater and come faster. However, while the short-term gains are notable, the side effects (especially for the long term) are rather horrendous.

The list of side effects includes mind-altering effects such as increased paranoia and aggression. The effect can be so extreme that it appears virtually psychotic. Men in relationships, for example, report a sneaking suspicion that their partners are cheating on them. The “roid rage” is extreme in many cases. 

But that’s not all. The use of Tren can lead to problems like acute renal failure and renal hypertrophy. HDL levels go down and infertility can also result. There are also various dermatological problems like acne, along with hair loss and man-boobs, sleeping problems, and excessive sweating. 

Trenorol as the Alternative

This variation of Tren is a legal alternative to Trenbolone. It also leads to lean muscle mass while you’re able to get rid of excess body fat. It improves your athletic performance too. It’s quite versatile, as it can be used for both bulking and for cutting cycles.

This boosts red blood cells that go into your muscles while promoting nitrogen retention, which allows your muscles to absorb more protein to build a bigger mass. You can then also build bigger muscles while you’re able to cut down on your body fat. 

This works best when stacked with other supplements (which “coincidentally” also mimic the effects of other anabolic steroids. All you need to do is to take 3 capsules before you work out so that you can enjoy its effects to the fullest. A Trenorol cycle works best if it lasts for at least 2 months. 

Trenorol Ingredients

Check out the ingredients:

  • Beta-sitosterol. Your body can use testosterone in various ways, and convert it into other types of compounds. The testosterone can be converted into DHT, but this means you have less testosterone to use to help you with your muscle-building. 

You prevent this conversion to DHT with beta-sitosterol, which then means you can reserve larger levels of testosterone for muscle-building instead. In practical terms, it increases the levels of free testosterone in your system. 

  • Samento Inner Bark. Working out can be rather hard on the body, and sometimes the body just can’t take the punishment. The extract from the Samento inner bark helps to alleviate the pain caused by damaged muscles so that you’re able to recover from a hard workout more quickly. 

This extract also boosts your immune system, so you’re more likely to be in better health to be able to lift weights regularly and effectively as you work out to build bigger muscles. 

  • Nettle Leaf Extract. This is another popular ingredient in many other muscle-building supplements. It’s regarded by many as the chief ingredient in the Trenorol supplement because it is mainly a nettle leaf that offers the same effects that you also get with the original Tren. 

The nettle leaf helps to accelerate the muscle-building process so that you can get your bigger muscles in a shorter amount of time. It does help that it can prevent fluid retention, which makes you feel swelled up and puffy. Without the fluid retention, your muscles are much more visible and impressive, plus you’re not carrying all that useless weight. You can then get the lean muscles you want. 

  • Pepsin. This ingredient maximizes how your body uses the protein you consume. In other words, you can build bigger muscles even when you don’t necessarily increase your protein intake. 

The main drawback to its use is that it’s also expensive, compared to other supplements. Also, adding to the expense is how it is most effective when used with other supplements. You may want to stack this with Anvarol and Winsol to really maximize the benefits. 


Anadrol wasn’t exactly designed specifically for better athletic performance. Technically, it’s not even an anabolic steroid. Instead, it was intended to be used to treat anemia. Of course, it didn’t take long for some people to figure out that anemia is a medical condition that reduced the red blood cell count and that Anadrol countered this condition by boosting RBC. This means that Anadrol can boost RBC in a healthy person’s body to improve performance. 

What does it really mean to boost RBC? In an athlete, it means your body is better able to provide oxygen to your muscles. The effect is a great boost for endurance, which is why many of the Anadrol users are long-distance runners and cyclists. Even muscle builders noted that they’re then better able to work out for much longer time periods. 

There are two for the popularity of Anadrol. One is simply because you just take tablets. The other reason is that it doesn’t really lead to hair loss and impotence. There aren’t really stories about roid rage due to Anadrol either. 

So, what’s the problem? One big problem is that it is toxic to the liver. Using this safely can be problematic since in just a few weeks you’ll accumulate too many toxins in your body and in your liver. 

Another problem is that an excessively high RBC count may not be good for you. It can lead to headaches and lethargy, and even depression. Some have noted that Anadrol can be used to boost appetite, which can then lead to rapid weight gain. Gynecomastia or the development of man-boobs is also possible. 

Anadrole as an Alternative

The legal alternative to Anadrol is Anadrole, so the similarity in the names isn’t coincidental. It also promotes higher RBC counts, though well within safe limits. Your muscles get more oxygen, which lets you train for longer periods of time. Your muscles also get the nutrients they need more efficiently, which means more protein for muscle growth. 

Again, you don’t have any of the legal problems with Anadrole, plus you have no side effects to worry about. In fact, Anadrole is ideal for newbies because the effects are quite mild. You can test this and enjoy the gradual increase in your strength, stamina, and energy.

Anadrole Ingredients

These are the key ingredients in Anadrole that make this a suitable alternative to Anadrol:

  • Whey protein concentrate. This helps with muscle-building and recovery, and the effects arise quickly. Whey protein is a “complete protein” which means it has all the 9 essential amino acids the body needs. It’s a favorite type of protein for muscle-builders. 
  • Soy protein. You also get the same amount of soy protein here as whey protein concentrate. Soy protein is also “complete”, though it has different amounts for the various amino acids it contains. You also absorb the soy protein more slowly. 
  • Tribulus Terrestris. This ingredient is evidently popular, as it’s also part of the D-Bal ingredients list. It’s a well-known testosterone booster, which helps your body produce higher levels of testosterone naturally. This should increase your energy and help you gain more muscle, without the terrible side effects caused by synthetic testosterone. 
  • Shilajit Concentrate. This is the component that helps with lean muscle growth because it also assists in burning fat at the same time. It boosts your stamina and reduces fatigue, so you can work out more strenuously. It also helps with your metabolism, so you consume calories faster which then leads to quicker fat burning. 

All you need to do is to take 2 capsules every day before you even take your breakfast. You need to take it for at least 2 months before you can get the results you need. 

Furthermore, it’s best that you take it with other recommended legal steroids. That increases your expenses, but then you get the best results. 

Deca Durabolin

This is a mainstay of the anabolic steroid scene since it has been available since 1950. Its use results in greater muscle mass and stronger bones. It boosts strength and endurance while it increases RBC counts. While it works very well for those who work out, even lazy people who don’t exercise can increase muscle mass by taking Deca. 

Another reason for the enduring use of Deca is that its side effects aren’t as dangerous as what you risk with other anabolic steroids. Comparatively, it’s “safer”. So, when others shrug off the risks with the other anabolic steroids, Deca is practically candy due to how it’s not as dangerous. 

The thing is, just because it’s “safer” doesn’t mean Deca is safe at all. It’s true that it doesn’t pose as much of a risk for your liver compared to the damage other anabolic steroids can do. But it is still toxic to the liver. If you already have problems with your liver (such as if you’re a regular drinker), then the problems can get much worse. 

You’re also at greater risk of bleeding. Ordinarily this also isn’t an issue, but nosebleeds can be troublesome. You just hope you don’t need surgery at some point, because this can be a real problem. 

Other potential issues can include acne, which can be so severe that it can last an entire year after you’ve sworn off Deca for good. It can cause mental effects as well, such as irritability and depression, along with insomnia. 

Those who take large doses of Deca have reported serious liver damage, along with damage to the cardiovascular system as well. Erectile dysfunction can also become a problem, along with a lower libido. 

Decaduro as an Alternative

Thankfully, none of these side effects come up when you use Decaduro instead. This legal alternative to Deca uses natural ingredients to minimize the side effects. 

At the same time, it offers similar benefits to Deca. This has ingredients meant to boost your natural testosterone production. It improves nitrogen retention in your muscles and promotes muscle development even as you burn off fat. You’re able to recover faster, and it even relieves the pain in your joints.

Decaduro Ingredients

While other supplements are specializing in just a few main benefits, Decaduro is more of the “jack of all trades” among these supplements. It does many helpful things for your body to grow muscles more efficiently. 

The ingredients include:

  • Wild Yam. This is mainly to make sure that your body maximizes the digestion and absorption of all the other ingredients in the Decaduro formula. It makes sure all the other ingredients work to the best potential. 
  • L-Arginine Alpha KetoGlutarate. Decaduro works very well in boosting protein synthesis, and you can credit this particular ingredient for that benefit. It encourages the release of growth hormones (GH), which in turn helps with muscle-building. It even metabolizes fat, so that your body gets rid of fat cells even as you build bigger muscles. 
  • Acetyl LCarnitine. This increases the flow of oxygen to your muscles. Your muscles work much better if they’re receiving optimal levels of oxygen, and this ensures that your muscles get ample amounts of it. When you work out, the oxygen that reaches your muscles is converted to ATP, which your muscles use as fuel. Performance and endurance improve, and your body recovers more quickly after a workout. 
  • LCitrulline. This also helps with muscle recovery. It helps to break down the lactic acid that gives you that “burning” sensation to your muscles when you become tired after a workout. This also helps with muscle endurance as well. 
  • Korean Ginseng. This gives you the energy you need to work out harder. It’s similar to caffeine, except you don’t get the jitters at all. 

In addition, ginseng helps with joint pain. That’s a great relief since joint pain is a common result when you tend to work out strenuously to build bigger muscles. It also allows your muscles to recuperate more quickly. 

So, what’s the catch? It does take a while to work, with many saying that they notice results in at least a month. Again, it’s not cheap and it’s best taken with a bunch of other supplements. These other supplements can offer quick gains while you wait for the Decaduro to finally kick in. 


The Sustanon anabolic steroid was first intended for use as medicine for children, and was meant to increase low testosterone levels. That’s the kind of effect that many bodybuilders were looking for, so it didn’t take long for them to appropriate it for their muscle-building purposes. Sustanon basically injects different types of synthetic testosterone into your body. 

It offers several crucial benefits for those who work out. It boosts energy, while it reduces fatigue. You’re even better able to concentrate on your workout. 

However, the addition of 4 different kinds of testosterone into the body can lead to rather frightening side effects. The more serious ones include problems with the liver, kidney, and prostate. Your cholesterol increases and hypertension become a risk. Other major problems include chest pain, depression, sleep apnea, and even prostate cancer. You can overdose and die from too much Sustanon. 

The other potential problems may be considered minor, but you still have to factor it in. You may get headaches, along with pain in your joints and muscles. Acne is also a risk as well. 

Testo-Max as an Alternative

Fortunately, no side effects are expected (or have even been reported) with Testo-Max. Basically, this is a testosterone booster that uses natural ingredients. It doesn’t put in synthetic testosterone into your body. Instead, it encourages your body to produce greater levels of testosterone naturally. This then can lead to muscle mass gains, and increased levels of strength, stamina, and even libido.

You can even use this solo, although for best results you do need to take it with other supplements. You have to use it for 2 months, then you can take 10 days off to keep your body from adapting to it. It helps to also burn body fat off, even while it supports your body in retaining your muscle mass during your cutting cycles. 

Testo-Max Ingredients

Why is Testo-Max so effective? Let’s take a look at what it contains:

  • D-AA. This D-Aspartic Acid is considered the key ingredient to Testo-Max, as it’s known to be highly effective in boosting testosterone levels. The 2,352 mg dosage is probably a higher dose than you’ll find in any other supplement. The D-AA encourages the release of luteinizing hormone (LH) which boosts the body’s natural production of testosterone. This can cause a T level increase of 30% to 60%. 

In addition, it also improves protein synthesis, which then leads to bigger muscles. 

  • Ginseng Red Powder. This is famous for improving your focus, but that’s not its only benefit. It boosts your energy by increasing the production of nitric oxide that leads to improved blood flow. 
  • Nettle Leaf. This increases the amount of free testosterone you have, and keeps more of your testosterone from converting into DHT. That means you have more testosterone to use for muscle-building. 
  • Fenugreek. This is another known testosterone booster, with one study even claiming that it can eventually increase T levels by 90%. It also helps prevent estrogen synthesis, which is a process that can lead to weight gain. 
  • Boron. This mineral reduces SHBG levels. This means higher levels of free testosterone, because the SHBG binds with the testosterone. Boron also help with bone health and memory. 
  • Magnesium. This can help with improving testosterone production, leading to greater strength and stamina. It also improves the quality of your sleep, and even helps with bone density. 
  • Zinc. This is so famous as a testosterone booster that you can buy purely zinc supplements for low testosterone. For centuries, oysters have been known to boost libido and it was only later that it was discovered that it was because oysters have high amounts of zinc. Zinc also increases red blood cell levels and improves the immune system. 
  • Vitamin B6. This helps keep testosterone from being inactivated or from converting into estradiol (aromatization). 
  • Vitamin D3. Some studies link low T levels with low levels of Vitamin D. 
  • Vitamin K1. This helps with the health of your heart and bones. 
  • Bioperine. This is the ingredient that boosts the bioavailability of the other ingredients. 


This is also an old standby in the anabolic steroid community. This is due to its high anabolic function. It’s extremely effective in building muscles, as that was what it was meant for in the first place. It improves protein synthesis and boosts nitrogen production. It gives you amazing energy levels so you’re more apt to exercise harder and for a longer period of time. 

In addition, it’s probably the best body fat burner among them all. Plenty of people love it for this reason, because you’re able to efficiently burn body fat even while your body keeps your muscles. It can be taken orally, and you also won’t get man-boobs. 

However, it can do serious damage to your liver so much so that you can actually die if you’re not careful. It also increases your cholesterol to dangerous levels. You may suffer from mood swings and depression, and you may also end up with severe acne and hair loss. A unique side effect to Winstrol is that quite a few users report feeling a burning sensation when they urinate. 

Using Winsol

This is the legal alternative to Winstrol, because it contains ample amounts of Acetyl L-Carnitine. This ingredient helps with fat oxidation, which means your body is better able to burn fat and then turn it into energy.

The obvious benefits are two-fold. You’re able to burn fat, which makes you healthier and more attractive. At the same time, you get more energy for more effective workouts. You can then work harder to build bigger muscles and lose body fat too. 

Winsol also helps with muscle retention during the cutting cycle, even while it also improves your agility and speed. It offers lots of advantages for athletes who don’t really want to bulk up too much, such as runners and cyclists. 

Winsol Ingredients

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine. This boosts oxygen flow to your muscles, leading to greater strength and endurance. 
  • Choline. It improves muscle function and reduces fatigue, and even helps with fat burning. This can boost your focus as well. 
  • Wild Yam Root. It boosts natural testosterone production, improves workout performance, and speeds up recovery. It’s great at reducing fatigue and preventing muscle cramps. 
  • DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol). This also helps with your focus. 
  • Safflower Oil. This helps with burning fat cells, while it also contains omega-6 that helps prevent fluid retention. This can help with cardio function and with your immune system. 

This is best used for those who are in their cutting cycles, as well as for those who want lean muscles. It’s not really meant for those who really want to bulk up. 


It’s easy enough to understand why Anavar is so interesting for muscle builders. That’s because its original function was to help people regain weight in the first place. It was first meant for those who were recovering from various medical conditions that made them lose weight, such a chronic infection or surgery. Thus, it became the ultimate bulking anabolic steroid. 

It also helps that this relieves bone pain. Originally, this was for treating bone pain due to bone loss. For athletes, it’s to counteract the pain that working out can cause. 

The serious side effects of Anavar are mainly mental. Users can become enraged or suffer from depression and anxiety. If these aren’t enough of a deterrent, consider that there’s a long list of “minor” side effects as well. You may get headaches and nausea leading to vomiting. Your skin may become oily leading to severe acne, while you can also suffer hair loss. Your skin color may even change. Your libido will also be affected, so that you may become disinterested (or become too interested) in sex. 


This is what you need to take when you want a steroid alternative to Anavar. It promotes the ATP process that leads to greater energy. This will help with your workouts, while it even helps with fat burning somewhat.

Anvarol Ingredients

There are 3 main ingredients to Anvarol:

  • ATP. This is basically the energy your muscles need for your intense workouts. It even helps with burning excess fat as well. 
  • BCAAs. As we’ve already mentioned, these are the amino acids that can really help with muscle building. These offer better performance with reduced fatigue and even help with fat burning. 
  • Yam Root. This also lessens fatigue, which lets you work out longer and more effectively. After your workout, it soothes your aching muscles and reduces inflammations. 

Anvarol is actually used in cutting cycles, although for best results you will need to use it with a stack. In itself, it doesn’t really produce amazing fat burning results. Only beginners will want to take this alone as the effects are mild. It can help with burning fat, but the results are gradual. 


At this point, by now you should be convinced that there really is no good reason for you to try out anabolic steroids. The risk of damage to your health (and to others due to rage and violence) is simply too great. 

What’s more, you can actually get the benefits of anabolic steroids simply by sticking to the legal alternatives. That means you get all the good effects without the bad. These legal alternatives are absolutely safe, and you won’t get any side effects when you stick to the recommended usage dosage. 

Think about it, and you’ll know that these legal alternatives are actually your best choices. No more potential problems for your liver, heart, or kidneys that may even kill you. No more paranoia and aggression that can cause problems with other people. No more severe acne, hair loss, excessive sweating, and man-boobs that just won’t make you as attractive as you ought to be. 

Try these legal alternatives first, and you just might make the best decision you can make when it comes to building bigger muscles. If you try anabolic steroids, you may end up making the worst decision instead. 

Stick to the legal steroids, and your bank account and health will thank you, and so will your bigger muscles. Legal steroids work, while they’re safer as well. 

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