Best Pull Up Bars 2019 – Top Chin Up Bars Compared

A pull up bar is the best ways to get an intense upper body workout in the comfort of your home. One of the things that make pull up bars so effective is that you will be using your own bodyweight to get a sculptured physique. With it being simple and inexpensive, it is a wonderful tool for those aiming to tone their muscles.

Basically, pull up bars are designed such that you can mount on a ceiling or secure to a doorframe. They also come with a rubber or foam grip to help raise you from the ground as you engage your back, chest, arms, and shoulder muscles.

With plenty of pull bars on the market, it can be daunting to find the right product to meet your needs. In this article, we will give you reviews of some of the best pull up bars of 2018 which you can use for your home workouts.

Our Top Pull-up Bar Pick

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Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar

To begin, the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym bar is our top choice for a doorway pull up bar. There are a few reasons why it’s our favorite so far.

This bar is incredibly designed for pull-up flexibility while ensuring doorframe protection. Apart from its clever design, it has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds and can even secure heavier people.

Another useful feature is its innovative rectangular pads that are placed against the doorframe to prevent wear and tear. Besides, it has multiple grip options which are designed to extend outside the doorframe. Hence, you can be able to perform wide grip pull ups compared to other pull-up bars. It targets areas such as back, chest, arms, and the core.

Unlike most doorway bars, these types of bars only use leverage points to create a secure grip to your door frame. It is easy to assemble and disassemble the tool – this normally takes around 10 minutes to complete. In order to ensure a secure grip, make sure that your house has a strong and sturdy construction.

The following things are what you should consider when looking for a doorway pull up bar:

  • Multiple grips
  • Durable construction
  • Maximum weight
  • Doorframe support to prevent damage to the woodwork

Our Top Choice for a Doorway Pull Up Bar 

 Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar – Extreme Edition

This pull up bar has a slip-in design that allows you to perform your upper body workout without damaging the door. It is our favorite leverage-based doorway pull up bar since it is portable and comes with multiple grips. Its 5-grip options include narrow, neutral, wide, as well as an additional side grip and alternate wide grip.

This makes the Iron Gym Total Body Workout Bar a great option since it is able to target different muscle groups including your back, arms, and shoulders. You can also flip this highly-functional tool on the floor to perform push ups, sit ups, leg raises, and dips. No doubt this is the pull up bar you need to take your home gym to the next level.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • 12 comfortable foam grips
  • Comes with assembly tools like J brackets
  • Easy to install
  • A weight capacity of up to 300 pounds

Extending Door Frame Pull Up Bar

This is a type of pull up bar that extends to perfectly fit doorways up to 3 feet wide. We love this product because it is cheap and easy to install. It also comes with rubber pads on both ends that create tension to resist the weight of the user.

One of the advantages of this chrome tube is that it can easily be stored in your home. However, you will have limited hand positions to pull up, not to mention that you will need to use brackets. Brackets are highly recommended in order to prevent it from falling off. A good example of an extending door frame pull up bar is the Sunny Health & Fitness Chin Up Bar.


  • Durable construction
  • Functional telescoping design
  • Comfortable hand grips
  • Screws and brackets included

Our Best Pick for a Telescoping Doorway Pull Up Bar 

#4. Sunny Health & Fitness Chin Up Bar

This pull up bar from Sunny Health & Fitness is a budget-friendly product that is designed to get the work done in the comfort of your house. This heavy-duty chin up bar is strong enough to hold a maximum user weight of 220 pounds. We love the fact that it is super easy to set up and extends about 24.5-36 inches long to fit any door frame.

It also comes with a lot of stability and flexibility. You can easily move down the bar if you need to change your workout like sit ups and push ups. Besides, its comfortable and non-slip foam will give you a secure grip so your center of attention can be on the pull up.

Although not necessary, you can effortlessly remove the bar and store it somewhere else. This can be done by twisting the ends of the bar. Its sleek design makes it look great in any part of the house. Besides, choosing to leave the bar in the doorway will motivate you to get some work done.

It is highly recommended to always use support brackets so that the bar does not fall off the doorway. Although most telescoping bars including the Sunny Chin Up Bar can be used without the brackets, it’s important to still use them for safety. Apart from brackets, small screws are also included to assure you that they won’t damage your woodwork or leave marks when removed.


  • Extends 24.6 inches to 36 inches long
  • Can support a weight of up to 220 pounds
  • Allows you to perform other exercises such as chin up, ab work, push up, and pull up
  • Includes support brackets and screws
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Factors to Consider when Looking for a Pull Up Bar 

  • Versatility

The best pull up bars comes with multiple grips to make it easy for you to handle the bar. An example is the Iron Gym Extreme Edition which comes with 5 grip positions. Additionally, multiple grip options help you perform a variety of exercises and engage different muscle groups.

Also, pull up bars come in different styles, price, and features. However, they give the same action and results, thus making it even difficult to say there is a preeminent pull up bar.

  • Sturdy and Compact Design

Not only are pull up bars a compact and stable piece of exercise equipment, they are also sturdy. Most pull up bars are able to handle a maximum weight of up to 300 pounds despite their lightweight design which often weighs under 10 pounds. This way, heavier people can feel secure using this equipment to get into shape.

  • Complete Strength Training

These gym equipment are perfect for strengthening your body including your chest, arms, back, shoulders, hands, and other muscles. When doing the pull-up exercise, your hand muscles become powerful and sturdy since they are engaged in order to lift your body weight.

Your abdominal muscle is also targeted when you incorporate leg exercises. The perfect pull up bar also helps in doing exercises like dip which engages the triceps. 

  • Bodyweight Exercise

One of the benefits of a door frame pull up bar is that it helps in doing a variety of bodyweight exercises. Research has shown that by doing bodyweight exercises, you will be able to avoid injury since it eliminates extra weight on the muscles and joints.

Pull up exercises help in building the upper body and improve overall muscle strength. This is because the muscle is designed to handle the entire load that the body provides. Performing pull ups correctly will engage the right upper body muscles, hence allowing you to see some noticeable improvements in no time.

For instance, if you weigh 200 pounds, you will be pulling 100 pounds on each arm. This will create tension in the body which will lead to stronger and toned muscles.

  • Portable

Most of the pull up bars on the market are portable and do not require permanent support. A good example of the portable pull up bar is the Iron Gym Upper Body Pull Up Bar. A huge benefit of getting such bars is that your walls and door frames are unlikely to be damaged.

Also, some doorway pull up bars like the Sunny Health & Fitness Pull Up Bar do not require support brackets. However, it is important to use the brackets for your own safety. This is because unlike other types of pull up bars, it does not use secure leverage. 

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Various Pull Up Bar Types

Pull up bars come in various styles and features. These include the telescoping pull up bars, doorway pull up bars, stand alone pull up tower stations, and wall/ceiling pull up bars. Below are the different types of pull up bars.

  • Door frame pull up bar
  • Doorway pull up bar
  • Free standing pull up tower & station – pull up towers can be placed just about anywhere as long as you have a 5x5ft square space available and a good overhead clearance. Moreover, most pull up towers in the market allow you to perform powerful dips – something which isn’t entirely feasible on other pull up bar types.
  • Wall mounted and ceiling mounted pull up bar – a wall and ceiling mounted pull up bar use bolts or screws to firmly attach itself. The only difference with the typical pull up bar is that the attachment is permanent. Of course, you need to make sure that the surface you’re attaching the bar is capable of handling around 250 to 300 pounds of downward thrusting weight for a long period of time, or else, you might suffer from injuries due to structural failure, especially when your ceiling falls down on your head.

It is always important to ensure that your pull up bar is attached to door frames and walls that are solidly constructed. Sturdy materials such as concrete, brick, and wood studs should be used. With a solid material, the round brackets will be securely installed and will not damage the frame.

It is not advisable to attach your bar on a thin metal doorframe or plain drywall as this will make the bar to telescope out.

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Benefits You Can Get from Using a Pull Up Bar

There is no other effective exercise to strengthen your body and build your arms, shoulders, back, and arms muscles than pull ups. You will be surprised to find out that the US Marine Corps use pull ups to measure the upper body strength.

You will know that you are in great condition if you can perform at least 20-25 pull ups. If you can only do three, you need to up your game in order to increase your upper body strength. This can be done by increasing your repetitions with the pull up bar which can be used at the comfort of your own home.

Some of the top benefits of using pull up bars include improving posture and overall look, increasing muscle mass, and increasing body strength. Also, since you will only be using your bodyweight, the pull up bar will be the cross between strength training and cardio. This is because your big muscle groups will be engaged, thereby resulting to a rise in the heart rate in no time. Additionally, it is a safe way of exercising since you will only be using your bodyweight.

  • Improves Overall Posture

Using a pull up bar will help improve your body posture, thus protecting your spine. Most of us spend hours at desks working on a computer, thus causing us to suffer from rounded shoulders and bad posture. Pull ups activate the shoulder and back muscles, and this enables them to get your torso to the right structural position.

  • Build Muscles

Another great benefit of pull up bars is that they help in building your muscles. It is the fastest, safest, and most effective way to build muscles since you can only pull up weight that is relative to your bodyweight. Think of it this way: pulling around 100-150 pounds of bodyweight is not easy. However, the effect is that you can really build muscles.

Pulls up will also help you have strong shoulders and core, thus allowing you to get a good body shape. Not only will you look good from the outside, you will also be strong and feel good from inside.

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Other Things to Consider 

Getting Started

Anyone who has ever worked before has probably tried doing some workout on a pull up bar. If you have ever tried doing pull ups, you can attest that it is a very challenging exercise. Surprisingly, most people cannot lift their own weight by simply doing one chin up or pull up. This may be because our legs help us do all the movement with very little difficulty.

However, you will be surprised to learn that our bodies are specially designed to do pull ups. But since we are not forced to do it, it becomes a challenging move. As a result, we are giving up an amazingly toned body figure.

Kipping Pull Ups

By kipping, we mean doing an upward bucking thrust using your body. This will give you a boost so as to make the pull ups a lot easier. Kipping pull ups, which are also known as hip snap pull-ups, are mostly used by CrossFit enthusiasts to enable them to do many repetitions.

Most people are familiar with dead hang which is the opposite of kip. In this move, you will start with your arms in a full or near full extension. Then in a slow and more controlled manner, pull up your upper body. Basically, CrossFit practitioners can attest that there is no better or worse style of pull up; instead, they are just really different. They can also confirm that kipping is not cheating.

Modified Pull Ups

Since pulls ups are hard to do, especially if you are just starting out, a good option is to do modified pull ups. With a modified pull up, you won’t need to use all of your body weight. You can start by putting a chair, box, or anything secure beneath so that you can rest some of your weight. As time goes by, you can reduce the weight on your feet as you increase your full body weight on your upper body.

Things to Take Note Of

Before you start on a new exercise, it is always recommended to check with your physician for any health concerns. Your main aim should be to get healthier and better, not cause injuries to your body.  Also, it’s important to know your limits and not overdo the exercise.

The other important thing to take note of is to ensure that the bars are securely placed before embarking on the exercise. Your safety should come first. You just don’t want to build an amazing body while putting your safety at risk.


Final Thoughts

Having the best pull up bar will enable you to work on your upper body and improve your overall fitness. However, a chin up/ pull up bar requires you to put in some work as the results are not going to be immediate. Therefore, if you are looking to improve your upper body, get a pull up bar.

Be sure to install it where you will be motivated to use it for the best results. Having a doorway pull up bar in your home is the first step to achieving your fitness goals. The next step depends entirely on you.

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