Best Spin Bike Reviews and comparisons 2017

If you’re working on your endurance and your strength, having a spinning bike at home serves as an amazing tool to fulfill your purpose. There’s a wide array of options to choose from because there’s a spinning bike out there that’s perfect for whatever fitness level you find yourself on. But before you go out and buy your brand new spin bike, you should assess all of your options; that’s why we bring you some recommendations and reviews of the best spin bikes available for you in the market, so you can make an educated buy you won’t regret.

Before we get into the details of the top spin bike picks, we would like to give you some pointers on what you should consider when you’re preparing to make your choice. There are so many options out there, so it makes sense to have a guideline that will make your shopping experience much easier and organized.

Design: You need to think about design; it’s important to make sure that your spin bike has the structural integrity that will guarantee durability and complete reliability. When looking into your options consider adjustability of seats and handlebars as they will make your comfort easier, you should also consider quality and structure; these features will clear the path into picking the best spin bike for your needs.

Performance: Performance is, of course, another very important aspect to think about. In making these reviews, we’ve been careful to ensure that the performance factors that manufacturers promise are in fact true.  After all, guarantee means nothing if your bike doesn’t have real benefits.

Comfort: When it comes to using machines to get a lot more out of your exercise, the factor of comfort should be at the top of the list. If you’re uncomfortable, you won’t even get through the first 10 minutes of your routine. So when you’re shopping for a spin bike, you have to think about the seat and its height, its pedals and any other accessory that will affect your cycling experience.

Tech: Computing features are also an attractive factor if you’re thinking about buying a spin bike; we know that technology makes our lives easier and more comfortable, but maybe it’s not so awful to have a bike without this type of features. That’s why we’ve included bikes with digital displays and bikes without them in this rank, so you’ll judge for yourself whether the lack of digital components is really the deal breaker it’s cut out to be.

Resistance Adjustments: Another major factor we’ve taken into consideration and we think you should too, is resistance adjustment. All of the bikes on our list allow their users to adjust it to their needs; this is essential to helping you create the best workout structure that will help you reach your fitness goals, so it can’t be overlooked.

Pricing: All this talk about important features, but we’re certain that price was probably the first thing on your mind! And you’re right, it’s only logical. That’s why in these reviews you’ll find that we made sure to have different price ranges for you, going from $250 to $2000.

Now that we’ve explained our thought process, here are our top 5 picks for you to have the best indoor cycling experience:

  1. Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle

If you’re serious about your spin bike and you want to buy a kickass model but you’re on a budget, the Keiser M3i indoor spin bike might just be the one for you. It is one of Keiser’s top-selling units, and it’s a high-quality machine. With its 24 levels of resistance, it will help you burn up thousands of calories a day if you really challenge yourself to it! It’s made out of top quality materials and it has a backlit computer display which will help you track your progress; RPM, heart rate, power output, burnt calories, and travel distance, among other things. It also provides excellent handlebar adjustments. As for its dimensions, this spin bike is really similar to standard models; it’s 45 inches tall, 26 inches tall and it weighs only 85 pounds. You won’t be disappointed with this one!

  1. Sole Fitness SB-700 Light Commercial

This one is perfect if you’re looking for a combination of comfort and performance! Its 48 pound flywheel delivers a smooth and quiet workout experience. It has a solid frame that will support users of up to 300 pounds and it comes with a lifetime warranty. Isn’t that just the best?

This spin bike also comes with a partially assembled mode, so you won’t need any assistance putting this incredible machine together; you can effortlessly do it yourself! Like many other spin bikes in the market, this one also comes with a fitness activity tracker that monitors your time, speed, the calories you burn, your travel distance and RPM; it also allows you to monitor your chest pulse by using a wireless chest strap. It’s a complete machine that will help you build up your body and your health!

  1. Schwinn A.C. Performance Plus Indoor Cycle

This one is more on the high-end specter of spin bikes and it’s for the more serious and advanced fitness freak. Its frame is made out of rust-free aluminum and it has an innovative magnetic resistance braking system. In case you were wondering, the “A. C.” stands for “Authentic Cycling”, it also provides all of the comfort and all of the available adjusting options for you to suit it to your needs. This feature differentiates it from other spin bikes in the market.

It supports users weighing up to 350 pounds and it provides a smooth, realistic ride! There are many intensity levels for you to play around with, and what’s more, it fits in a 20.5 by 42 inches space and it’s really easily assembled. This is great option for you to consider if you’re looking for the high-end experience and you don’t really care about price.

  1. Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Trainer – 49 lb. Flywheel

This is one of those spin bikes that are great for beginners because ProForm made sure this unit offers serious basic cardio workouts, but it’s also fitting for the most advanced riders. This model provides a comfortable, smooth and quiet ride thanks to its chain drive system and its padded, adjustable seat that you’ll be able to set to whatever position feels best for you. It also features pedals with toe cages so you can be more stable in your ride and it will also help you increase the intensity of your routine.

Another neat feature is its non-slip, adjustable handlebars; they’re actually ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue while working out and to prevent discomfort. Plus, it’s only 41 x 35 x 10 inches and weighs about 126 pounds, and it also comes with a 5-year warranty!

  1. Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

If you don’t see yourself spending thousands of dollars on a professional indoor spin bike, but you’re still looking for a bike that offers the best performance, then this one is the choice for you! The Sunny Health & Fitness Pro is designed for beginners as well as advanced bike enthusiasts. Its 40 pound flywheel will give you quite a ride, made comfortable by its fully adjustable seat and handlebars. This machine employs a chain drive mechanism that will guarantee a smooth and quiet ride for those indoor users. It can support users of up to 275 pounds and its frame is quite easy to assemble. This option is the ideal choice for you if you’re looking for a durable spin bike that provides great performance for a reasonable price. That is if you can live without the extras! It doesn’t have any fancy electronic features but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a high-quality fitness machine that will help you reach your goals.

Now that we’ve summarized all of the useful information about the top 5 spin bikes, we’ll leave you with a simple comparative table reviewing these picks plus a few other models to assist you even further on your buy. Here it is:


Model Weight Features Our Rating
Schwinn A.C. Performance Plus-Indoor Cycle 106 Pounds Aluminum frame, magnet brake system, micro adjustments 4.5 out of 5
Sole Fitness SB700 140 Pounds Flywheels, LCD console, chest strap, fore/at and up/down adjustments 4.5 out of 5
Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle Stationary Trainer 85 Pounds Resistance system, LCD console, combo pedals 5 out of 5
Marcy Club Revolution Cycle 86 Pounds Handlebars, flywheels 4.2 out of 5
Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive 115 Pounds Steel frame, belt drive mechanism, a press down brake, transportation wheels 4 out of 5
Diamondback Fitness 510Ic 126 Pounds Resistance levels, workout programs, fore/aft seat, handlebar adjustments 4.3 out of 5
ProForm 290 SPX 96 Pounds Chain drive system, transport wheels, water bottle holder, adjustable seat 4.1 out of 5



Let’s say you already made your choice (you’re welcome!) and you’re ready to buy your spin bike. Well, if you’re a beginner, there must be a burning question in your mind… What’s next? There are some useful guidelines to follow in order to make sure you use your spinning bike to the best of its potential so you can reach the best of yours. That’s why we thought of everything and we’re going to show you a little protocol you can follow for a quick and effective set up to make sure your training sessions are repercussion-free and there are no issues whatsoever.

Be wise about your workout fashion

You wouldn’t think about it, especially when if you workout at home where nobody can see you, but what you wear when you’re working out is responsible for a big percentage of your comfort. Compact clothes made out of sweat-free materials are the go-to pick for most spinning bikers. Alternatives to this are short yoga pants, shorts, and your favorite t-shirt! What’s important is to limit the length of your sleeves and your pants; you don’t want fabric to get in the way of your experience.

Learn to use your bike

Every time you buy a new appliance, machine or gadget, you make sure you know everything about it; what goes where, and how to make it perform its task. Well, a spin bike is not an exception. The key to a successful workout is to know how to operate your bike and how to use its features to your advantage. That’s what manuals are for, so make sure you go through it. You want to be in control of your experience, so don’t do it willy-nilly.

Get familiar with comfort adjustments

When it comes to a smooth and comfortable ride, the seat level, the position of the handles and the straps for your pedals are some of the factors responsible for this. It’s important to set them to your comfort and be precise about it, otherwise you risk losing control of your bike during your workout sessions. We don’t want that, do we?

Keep your essentials close

This goes without saying! It’s important to have at hand whatever you might need during your workout sessions. The essentials are: a towel and your favorite hydrating drink, of course. The towel can prevent you from slipping or losing grip of your handles, while your drink will keep you hydrated will helps you push even harder. Having these things at hand will save you unnecessary pauses and interruptions, so make sure you don’t forget them.

We hope we’ve covered all of the bases so you don’t have any excuse not to upgrade both your indoor cycling experience and your fitness experience.  Getting a spin bike will improve your routines so much more; it’s great cardio and you won’t need anything other than yourself and your bike to enjoy all of the benefits of a good session.

Happy shopping and happy cycling!










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