ExtenZe Plus Review & Results [2019]:Does it work?

I do not know a single man who would be 100% satisfied with his sexual life. All of us want their erection to be firmer and last longer, and their penis to be bigger and seem stronger. To reach these purposes, we are ready to do anything. Someone tries stretchers and hangers. Someone uses jelqing and other exercises. Someone even seeks help from a surgeon. And some men are looking for the most comfortable option, which in some magical way will solve all the problems. I am talking about male enhancement pills.

There are a bunch of them on the market today. But I am going to tell you about only one of such drugs – ExtenZe. Why exactly these? Well, the reason is quite simple: I tried them myself for about two months. I believe it was long enough to find out all their pros and cons. So, here we go!


What is Extenze Plus, and who may be interested in it?

ExtenZe Plus is an herbal nutritional supplement made by BIOTAB Nutraceuticals, Incorporated. As the manufacturer claims, this product’s mission is to solve a bunch of male issues:

  •       To make the erection stronger and longer.
  •       To improve orgasms and make them blow-your-minding.
  •       To help you not to cum too early. 
  •       To improve your sexual stamina and to enhance libido. 

According to these possible effects, ExtenZe may be appealing, first of all, to men with ED (erectile dysfunction). This condition means the man is not able to have the erection firm and long enough to have sex with his partner. The causes of this problem may be an age after 45 years old, chronic stress, hormonal imbalance, etc.

Also, having ExtenZe implies some extra enhancements:

  •       Penis enlargement. It occurs because of blood circulation improvement. Due to this factor, blood flow in the penile tissues gets higher, and the organ became longer and thicker. 
  •       The fit of energy. Taking the drug helps you to feel more energetic due to some of its plant components.

So, if you have some problems in your intimate life, it is gained that ExtenZe will help you to solve them. Let’s find out if this claim is valid.


The composition

The main advantage of this stuff, its naturalness, is at the same time its main disadvantage. Paradoxical as it may sound, but it is. After all, what wrong can happen if you take capsules made with natural herbal ingredients? However, herbal not always mean safe.

Because of this, many men perceive herbal nutritional supplements as 100% harmless and do not consult specialists before taking them. But some of the plant extracts can cause serious harm to your health, especially if you have some chronic diseases. For instance, ExtenZe contains such ingredients as Ginger and Yohimbe Extract. Both of them are potent aphrodisiacs. In addition to enhancing sexual desire, they improve blood flow, stimulate proper blood circulation in the genitals, which make an erection stronger and longer. However, these natural ingredients are contraindicated for some people. For example, they may harm those who have digestive problems, kidney diseases, and increased nervous irritability. 

Supplement Facts of Extenze Plus


Possible side effects

Due to its plant composition, ExtenZe refers to drugs that are sold without a doctor’s prescription. However, to reduce the risk of side effects, I would advise you to consult with a specialist first. It is especially important if you have diseases of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems. It also applies to those who take any medication. For example, The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) laboratory found that ExtenZe included sildenafil. This stuff can react with nitrates, which many antihypertensive drugs contain. As a result, the use of ExtenZe during hypertension treatment can lead to a decrease in blood pressure to critical levels.

Also, you should know that there are several studies about ExtenZe active components, which lead to some side effects. Sildenafil, yohimbine, and some phytohormones can cause nerve problems, low blood sugar, gynecomastia, etc. And there is a lot of complaints in ExtenZe feedback about weird lightness in your head, nausea, headache, appetite loss, vomiting and upset stomach, insomnia, etc.  


The lawsuits

When I started taking ExtenZe, I knew nothing about cases of litigation between its manufacturer and a group of dissatisfied customers. As I found out later, in 2006, there was a lawsuit about untrue claiming and false advertising. After that, in 2010, a similar problem occurred again. Both times, the manufacturer settled the process by paying a fine: for the first time, it was $ 300,000, for the second time – $ 6,000,000. 

Also, there were cases of misunderstanding between professional sportspeople and the doping committee about taking the stuff. In 2010, LaShawn Merritt, 400-meters professional sprinter, was banned for taking ExtenZe.   


My experience 

To start with, I am 33 years old, and I have no ED, low libido, or other intimate issues. My only goal was to enlarge the penis and to improve the erection a little bit. When I decided to try some male enhancement pills, ExtenZe was quite popular, so I chose it without much thought.

 Ordering and shipping

I am sure that the only way to avoid buying fakes is to order things on the manufacturer’s websites. Therefore, I ordered two packs of pills on the official website. If you order them together, there is a discount of $10, so it is quite a profitable option. 

 Few issues of transparency

The first thing that made me doubtful was the statement on the approval of the doctors on a web site. However, this information was not clickable. The second weird thing was that the web site does have the product composition. But it was in such a small print that it was almost impossible to read the list of ingredients. Nevertheless, I ordered the stuff. It arrived at me in a couple of days in a cardboard box without identification marks, except for my name and address.

 How did I take the stuff?

There were two packs with 30 pills in each one, one pill per day. I was taking them diligently for two months, every morning with a glass of water. One time, I missed this morning ritual because I wanted to try another scheme: to take a pill just before sex to have even hard-rocker and long-lasting erection. 


My results of taking the pills

At first, I did not notice any changes in my sexual statement at all. But I understood that some time has to pass so the ingredients could start to work. So I kept taking the pills with no effect for about three weeks or so. Then, day after day, I began to observe some improvements. 


Positive results

  •       My erection did get a bit stronger, and it did last a little longer. My wife noticed this too and was pleased a lot. But here is an odd thing: when I took the pill in a couple of hours before sex, the erection was so long that we both were exhausted in the end. I am not sure this was good because I even began to worry about this over-lasting hardness in my penis.   
  •       The manufacturer promises that your orgasms will become brighter and stronger. As for me, I did notice some improvement in the quality of my climaxes. Perhaps they have changed a little for the better. But I’m not sure that this has anything to do with pills. It seems to me now that it was increasing in my self-confidence in bed, that’s all.
  •       About the increased duration of sex that the manufacturer promises on a web site, I can say this. Yes, my intercourses did last for a longer time. But as I noticed earlier, sometimes it was a bit abnormal. 


What I didn’t like

And now it is time to speak about things I was not pleased about this stuff. 

  •       It doesn’t start working right away. The first results began to appear after three weeks of taking the stuff. It was good that I ordered two packs of pills at once. And what about those who count on one month of having them?
  •       Since I have not found any officially documented examples of the successful use of pills, as well as any clinical trials and tests, I doubt their effectiveness. What if, in most cases, the placebo effect plays a significant role?
  •       As for the additional increase in penis size, in my case, there was no such bonus. Perhaps I took the pills for too little time, and two months is not enough. Or simply miracles do not happen, and you cannot have a magic pill today, and tomorrow, you can have a huge penis.
  •       By the middle of the second month, I noticed the appearance of some unpleasant things. I was having trouble sleeping. I hardly fell asleep and woke up several times during the night. Given that I used to sleep like a log before beginning having ExtenZe, I believe it was a side effect of the pills. 
  •       Also, as an extra benefit, some users have noted a burst of energy. Perhaps it was precisely this super-vigor that prevented me from sleeping as usual. And this was not the only problem. I began to have a headache sometimes, which also was not a common thing to me before taking the pills. 
  •       After two months, I did not reorder new pills and decided to observe the result. And what do you think? I returned to where I started very soon, that is, to my usual erection and the typical duration of sex. Therefore, ExtenZe has no accumulative effect.

To summarize, I can say this. Of course, there was some effect of these pills. However, it was very insignificant and stopped right away as soon as I finished taking ExtenZe. Therefore, if you are counting on some long-lasting results, this is not this case at all.



  •   ExtenZe does make your erection harder and longer. 
  •       Natural ingredients and herbal extracts in composition.
  •       It is easy to take the pills.
  •       You can buy them without a doctor’s prescription.
  •       Fast and discreet shipping.
  •       60-day money-back guarantee if the product will not satisfy you.
  •       Affordable price. 




  •       No clinical studies.
  •       It does not enlarge penis size. 
  •       The statement that preliminary expert consultation is not necessary is false.
  •       A manufacturer’s assertion that the product has no side effects is not valid.
  •       You cannot take it while treatment with some medications, which is not indicated on the manufacturer’s website.
  •       The company has already faced litigation regarding false assurances of product effectiveness.
  •       It is forbidden to take for athletes, runners, Olympians, and other professional sportsmen.


My final Words

If your goal is to improve the erection for a while, this product can help you a little bit. But if you want to gain some permanent results, this is not the best option. Also, if you are planning to increase the penis size with ExtenZe, I have a piece of bad news for you. There are no such marvelous pills in the whole world that can do it. The only thing that can help you in this task is penis extenders or penile surgery.  But,if you just want better erections, Extenze can be a good option. You can try the pills with money back guarantee if you buy from their official website



Extenze Plus


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