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Nowadays, it really seems like age is proving to be just a number. People are delaying childbirth and many are starting their own families in their late 30s and even 40s. Mature adults are taking center stage as of late and some are even starting new careers after retirement. It really seems like age isn’t stopping people from doing what they want to do.

However, some older folks are still held back from taking on the world. Those who are suffering from the ravages of time find themselves having limited options in living their lives. So despite the many opportunities available today, some people still can’t live their life to the fullest.

If you’re worried that you’ll experience the same thing, there are steps that you can take to prevent such. Fighting and maybe even slowing down the tick of the clock is possible with the help of some products.

Take the Human Growth Hormone (HGH), for example. Touted as the closest thing to a modern-day, science-backed fountain of youth, it might just be the key for older people to keep feeling and looking young. By getting these boosters, they might just be the very thing you need to continue enjoying the things you love no matter what your age is.

HGH Booster Supplements vs Injections

If you’re reading this, there’s a very good chance that you already have an inkling about what HGH is about, so I’m not going to beat around the bush. The bigger and more pressing debate isn’t about whether you should try it out or not. It’s more important to discuss whether you should get it as an injection or a health supplement.

While supplements and injections are both designed to increase the GH levels in your bloodstream, they have different ways to achieve your desired results. Injections will directly introduce a synthetic formula similar to GH into your system which automatically triggers the effects and functions of the said hormone.

Injections are formulated to treat those with growth hormone deficiency. It’s creation also introduced people to the idea of having to increase their growth hormone levels to improve their physical performance.

Despite its many benefits, it also comes with lots of serious side effects. This is why it’s illegal in many states and countries and that I don’t recommend using it at all for non-medical purposes. It’s also very costly, so it might not even fit your budget.

Supplements, on the other hand, provide a better alternative as they only stimulate the production of growth hormones. This makes it safer as you’ll be naturally producing the said protein instead of introducing it in a synthetic form. They’re also more affordable, so it’s certainly a more attractive option for many.

One of the best HGH supplements today is GenF20 Plus. Its glowing reviews will prove this as it didn’t just impress regular folks who are in need of a health-booster. Experts have also found it to be effective and useful, so I’m convinced that it’s worth a shot. I’m actually quite confident with its performance that it’s #1 on our list.

If you’re interested in learning more about our experience with this product, check out our detailed review below.

What is GenF20 Plus?

Succinctly described as a Human Growth Hormone releaser, GenF20 Plus is a pill supplement and oral spray combo that is promises to help you fight signs of aging. Its tag line ‘Become Immune to the Passage of Time’, clearly communicates that it’s a product that is aimed towards those who are after a supplement that will make them look and feel young.

Offered by a widely-known supplement manufacturer, Leading Edge Health, it’s easy to see that GenF20 is a well-designed product. The makers are not new in the industry and have a rather large wide range of products to offer so you can be guaranteed that they know what they’re doing.

Aside from GenF20 Plus, they also have other best-sellers like a number of popular male performance-enhancing supplements, hair and skin care products, sexual health products, and anti-aging products. GenF20 Plus, however, has been one of the most consistently popular picks and a top seller in 2019.

Why wouldn’t this product sell well when it has lots of great promises? To better demonstrate how attractive this product is, here are its main promises:

A more youthful look.

Aging takes a toll on a lot of people’s appearance. Even if not everyone wants to look like they’re still in their 20s when they’re actually over 50, it would be nice if you don’t look like you’re older than your actual age. With the potent anti-aging properties this product has, looking young tops its list of promises.

28% of IGF-1 levels increase.

To help this product achieve all of its promises, it’s been proven to boost your IGF-1 levels to up to 28%. IGF-1 is another type of hormone that stimulates HGH. This is an astounding amount as the body significantly slows down HGH production as a person gets older.

By the age of 30, your body will only produce up to 20% of your peak HGH levels in childhood. It will continue to drop as the years go by, so a 28% increase on your IGF-1 will already give your system a good boost.

Increased muscle mass and strength.

A lot of ingredients used to stimulate GH production are also very useful in muscle building, toning, and strengthening. This is why HGH releasers are also very popular among bodybuilders.

While this is more of a bonus effect of the GenF20 Plus, it easily contributes to the fulfillment of its promise to help you feel younger.

Fat and weight loss.

Another reason why this product is so popular is its weight-loss claims. As you get older, your metabolism slows down. Losing weight also becomes harder due to many different factors.

With a great HGH supplement like the GenF20 Plus, however, it’s easier to do. It contains ingredients that can trick the body to use its fat deposits instead of just the calories you’ve consumed so you lose fat faster. The increased HGH levels also help boost metabolism, so your body will have an easier time digesting and processing the food you eat.

Increased levels of libido.

While testosterone and estrogen levels are most popularly connected to one’s sex drive, they’re not the only hormones involved in the process. According to experts, higher HGH levels also help improve one’s libido. And since a healthy sex life is a great way to feel young, enhancing this department appeals to many.

Fights various signs of aging.

Higher HGH levels also help prevent cognitive decline, stress, as well as the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. They also help enhance immune function, bone health, as well as energy and performance. All of these and more are also promised by GenF20 Plus as it is packed with potent ingredients that will help increase your body’s HGH production.

Come to think of it, this product seems like one of the most well-rounded health supplements in the market today. That explains why it’s such a big hit.

Key Ingredients

What makes this product work? Here are its key ingredients that will clue you in on its performance and effectiveness:

L Arginine and L Lysine

These two amino acids are possibly two of the most common ingredients of HGH supplements since they’re also believed to be some of the most effective hormone stimulants. L Arginine proves to be a powerful growth hormone releaser as it can boost it up to 300%. L Lysine, on the other hand, enhances the effects of L Arginine so it can better trigger the release of the target protein.


Another amino acid that plays a huge role in HGH production, GABA is also known to help stimulate the pituitary gland into secreting more of the desired protein. It also has a positive effect on the immune system so it proves to be very handy for aging users.

Deer Velvet Antler

Aside from being rich with glucosamine, chondroitin, and collagen, this substance also contains IGF-1 which helps trigger HGH production.


Proven to speed up wound healing, it also turns out that colostrum also contains IGF-1 which helps in the production of growth hormones. It’s a dairy product, however, so those with sensitivities to such items should keep this in mind.

Pituitary (Anterior) Powder

As its name suggests, this ingredient effectively stimulates the pituitary gland to release more growth hormone. And with more of this protein means better body functions, so it proves to be a solid addition to the most potent HGH supplements.

The Science Behind GenF20 Plus

Looking at some of this product’s ingredients, it’s easy to see why it works. However, it takes more than that to convince the most discerning of people. So if you need a bit more convincing that this product works, I will also touch the science of the GenF20 Plus briefly.

So to start off, I’ll go over the independent study done on the effectiveness of our featured product. Yes, you read that right, GenF20 Plus went through clinical testing to prove its effectiveness. It was a 12-week double-blind study with 61 participants and the product garnered positive results.

The subjects were split into two groups, one took the recommended dosage of GenF20 Plus while the other took a placebo. Researchers looked for an increase in Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF-1) levels, which is the primary mediator of HGH. It means that higher levels of the said hormone also points to an increase in growth hormone levels.

After the testing phase, researchers recorded a 28.57% increase in IGF-1 levels in the subgroup of folks over 40 years old that took regular doses of GenF20 Plus. They determined that the increase was directly related to the supplement. The placebo group, on the other hand, did not show any increase in their IGF-1 or HGH levels.

Simply put, GenF20 Plus is proven to be effective. It worked on older subjects, making it one of the most notable anti-aging supplements available today.

My Personal Results

With such findings, you bet I’ll give such a marvelous product a shot. I’ve only been using it for a month but I already see significant changes in my body.

For starters, I feel more energetic than before. Old age seems to come hand in hand with sluggishness so it surprised me when I started to feel lighter and stronger. I also don’t get tired quickly anymore so I get to perform various physical tasks better.

I can also safely say that my appearance somewhat improved as well. It’s not that drastic yet but my hair and nails have certainly improved. I want to emphasize that my hair is starting to get thicker which is a very good thing for me. My fine lines also seem to be diminishing but we still have to see if it works really well on already formed wrinkles. My skin’s brighter and feels a bit more bouncy and tighter, however, so that’s great.

Should I Take It?

If the good things I have experienced made you more curious about the product, you might need some affirmation whether it’s a good idea for you to take it. Well, it really depends on your age. If you’re aged 35 or older, this supplement can be a good addition to your diet.

However, keep in mind that this item is a health supplement an not a magical drug. Keep your expectations real. It won’t transform you to a young stud or a hot babe in a flash, so don’t be too ambitious with this product. It will help you in many good ways but it won’t work miracles.


  • Easy to take
  • Clinically tested and proven to be effective
  • Has a lot of great promises
  • Will help you get in better shape
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Has lots of good reviews
  • Easily available online


  • Not commercially available in supermarkets or drug stores
  • Might cause allergic reactions in some folks

GenF20 Plus Basic Info

To help you get to know this product better, here are its basic information:


2 tablets twice per day or a total of 4 tablets daily

3 sprays twice per day or a total of 6 sprays daily


GenF20 Plus has a very friendly pricing plan. You can either buy it by the bottle or subscribe to a monthly package. If you want to purchase by the bottle, 1 bottle costs $82.99.

If you want to get a monthly subscription, you’ll receive 1 bottle per month and prices will be lower than buying by the bottle. For example, you’re getting a 2-month subscription, you’ll be asked to pay $159.99. That’s $2.99 savings already. If you’ll get a 6-month subscription, you’ll only need to pay $399.99 which means $16.32 savings on each bottle.

Where should I buy it from?

I strongly recommend that you only buy it from the GenF20 Plus official website. Other places may carry the product but only the official website can guarantee product authenticity. They also offer money-back offers and great discounts.

How long does it take to work?

As noted above, its test proved that it’s able to show positive results after 12 weeks of use. However, in cases like mine, 1-month use already starts to show improvements. Longer use is also recommended for continuous improvement.

Does it have side effects?

There are no recorded or tested side effects in using GenF20 Plus. However, allergic reactions are always possible because of its ingredients.

GenF20 Plus vs HGH Injections

Still hesitating on getting GenF20 Plus because of the promising effects of HGH injections? To be very honest, I’ve been tempted, too. However, upon further research, I found out that supplements are better options. Why? Here are a few of my reasons:

  1. They’re legal. HGH injections are illegal in many countries and states if used for non-medical purposes.
  2. GenF20 Plus doesn’t have harmful side effects. HGH injections are dangerous because they tend to come with complications. It can be said that supplements like our featured item are safer.
  3. HGH injections are costly. They’re very pricey so they might not suit everyone’s budget.

GenF20 FAQs

Does it work?

As its clinical trial proves, GenF20 Plus is effective in delivering anti-aging benefits and more.

Does it help build muscle?

Yes. Muscle building and strengthening are two of the primary promises of this product.

Is it safe?

Yes. GenF20 Plus has no harmful side effects unlike other supplements or even HGH injections.

Is it a scam?

Definitely not. This product will not stay popular for years on end if it was a scam or if it doesn’t work.

Does GNC sell this item?

No. It’s sold on Amazon but we recommend getting it directly from its manufacturers.

Any GenF20 Plus coupon code?

Unfortunately, no. The official website has great deals, however.

Final Words

Personally, I can recommend GenF20 Plus to those who wish to look and feel younger. Combined with a good diet and regular exercise, it can help you get in better shape.

However, make sure to only buy from the official website. Other dealers might not be selling the real deal and such products will not give you the results you want. They may even put your wellbeing at risk, so make sure to avoid them completely.

Also remember that while it will show some improvements, the results won’t happen overnight. Give it at least three weeks to really see the effects of the ingredients in your system. If you’re like me, you’ll find yourself satisfied with this anti-aging supplement.

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