TestoFuel Review: My Personal Results [2019]

The abuse of anabolic steroids to enhance muscle growth leads to many health problems such as High blood pressure, the risk of blood clots, kidney and liver damage, adverse mental effects – all this can happen to you if you take steroids. Therefore, instead of taking synthetic analogs of natural testosterone, it is much safer to stimulate the production of your own one. 

For reaching this goal, it is recommended to use T-boosters. Unlike anabolic steroids, they extremely rarely contain synthetic compounds and are much safer for health. These supplements will help you increase testosterone synthesis in your body, build muscle, and improve performance in bed. 

I suggest you analyze TestoFuel – a popular T-booster that is one of the best in its niche. We will compare it with other similar products and find out why it ranks first in my list.


What is TestoFuel?

TestoFuel is a dietary supplement designed for men who want to boost their testosterone levels. First of all, it is designed for those who work out in the gym and want to accelerate muscle gain without harming their health. It is one of 2019 bestsellers.

TestoFuel’s manufacturer is Roar Ambition (official website), a UK-based premium development company. According to it, the regular use of this T-booster helps men build muscle, become healthier, more energetic, and confident. You may achieve these goals thanks to the natural active components that make up the supplement. The manufacturer assures that their effect and dosage are carefully studied and checked by experts. As a result, the ingredients of the supplement provoke a sustained increase in the body’s production of testosterone.Testofuel Unboxed

The manufacturer focuses on the fact that the supplement contains only natural ingredients without artificial ingredients, preservatives, or flavorings. The product is manufactured following strict FDA rules in the USA and cGMP directives in the UK, so the user can not doubt its safety. 


TestoFuel’s ingredients and scientific studies about them

TestoFuel contains vitamins, natural plant extracts, and trace elements. Their combined effect on the body is to stimulate the production of testosterone. Let’s look at the impact of some of the TestoFuel active components and find out what clinical researches there are that prove their effectiveness.

  • Magnesium. Magnesium is a vital element that is found in all tissues of the body and is necessary for the normal functioning of cells, the health of the heart, bones, and muscles. Magnesium increases testosterone levels and has a beneficial effect on athletic muscle gain. 
  • Zinc. Zinc is an essential thing for male intimate health, the normal functioning of the prostate, and sperm production. Also, zinc is involved in the synthesis of anabolic hormones, including testosterone and growth hormone (growth hormone). 
  • Oyster Extract. Oysters are one of the most famous aphrodisiacs. By the way, they contain a large amount of zinc, which, as we found out earlier, increases the level of testosterone. Some studies prove the beneficial effects of the oyster extract on the intimate health of rats. It improved their sperm motility and normalized testicular weight. 
  • Vitamin D. It is believed that men who get enough vitamin D have normal levels of testosterone. However, scientists have different views on the relationship between vitamin D and testosterone. According to some trials , treatment with Vitamin D can increase testosterone levels. But there also are researches that prove the lack of a pronounced effect of vitamin D on testosterone levels . So, this subject probably needs further study. 
  • Vitamin K. It is necessary for the healthy synthesis of proteins, metabolic processes, maintaining average bone density, and the health of the organs of the cardiovascular system. As for the relationship between vitamin K and testosterone, similar studies involving people have not yet been conducted. However, experiments in male rats proved that a deficiency of this vitamin leads to a decrease in testosterone levels. (Ref)
  • Vitamin B6. This vitamin affects the condition of your skin, hair, liver, and is also involved in the formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells. The nature of its effect on testosterone levels at this stage is still being studied. However, it has already been established following: a high level of vitamin B6 leads to a decrease in estrogen in the male body. And it is a high level of estrogen that is a factor that reduces testosterone. 
  • D-Aspartic Acid. Studies regarding the association of D-Aspartic Acid and testosterone in humans give conflicting results. Some of them prove an increase in testosterone levels with the growth of D-Aspartic Acid; others do not. However, in male animals, such a relationship has been shown. *

In addition to these active ingredients, TestoFuel contains plant extracts from Fenugreek and Asian Red Panax Ginseng. They are natural stimulants for testosterone production. For example, fenugreek seed contains furostanolic saponins, which provoke not only testosterone synthesis and increased libido, but also an improvement in mood and a burst of energy. [16, 17] Ginseng extract helps fight ED, improves endurance, slows down the aging process, etc. Studies in male rats showed that daily consumption of ginseng root extract for 60 days contributed to an increase in testosterone. [18, 19]


My Results

A couple of years ago, I decided that I wanted to have a more worked-out body. I had a rather thin physique then. So, I was lifting the iron, eating a lot of protein food, and waiting for my muscles to start growing like crazy. Until some moment, they were indeed, but then suddenly, this process stopped. I figured out that I reached a plateau period, which is a nightmare for most bodybuilders. So I decided to help my body to overcome it. To do it, I became my search for a T-booster that will fit me the best way.

I did not consider the option of using anabolic steroids at all. Because, despite my desire to have an athletic shape, I did not want to risk my health for it. Therefore, the main task was to find a suitable tool that would delicately and safely help me stimulate the production of my testosterone. So I have tried several such products, and so far, TestoFuel is still the best solution for me. 

I want to emphasize that I did not have any symptoms of a pronounced lack of testosterone before starting taking TestoFuel. I had no problems with an erection, and I still enjoyed having sex with my girlfriend. I did not notice any baldness, excess fat, apathy, or irritability, which are often present with testosterone deficiency. But I knew that after the age of 30, the testosterone levels gradually become lower. I was 33 at that time, so I suppose it was the proper stage to stimulate its production. 

For now, I have been taking TestoFuel for three and a half months. During this time, I noticed some changes in my well-being:

  • I became more energetic. Every morning I jumped out of bed at the first alarm, although this used to be almost impossible for me earlier. 
  • I noticed increased libido. I began to pay more attention to my girlfriend, although I should note that we had no problems with sex before that as well. 
  • But the most important thing is the improvement of my performance in the gym. I began to lift larger weights and run longer on the treadmill. The circumference of my biceps in the first two months of taking TestoFuel increased by 0.72 inches, which I guess is impressive. However, do not forget that I did not just take the supplement, but also trained in the gym for about half an hour five times a week, and even ate a lot of protein foods.


Should you take it?

As for me, I am quite pleased with the results of using this support. My endurance indicators in the gym improved, biceps, and triceps are gradually increasing, stomach cubes have become more pronounced.

If you work out in the gym and have reached a peak set of muscle mass, after which a plateau period has set in, then TestoFuel can help you. As a bonus to this, you may notice a general improvement in well-being and extra stamina in bed. However, if you have a pronounced testosterone deficiency that is accompanied by symptoms of a lack of this hormone, TestoFuel will not be sufficient enough for you. In this case, a stronger drug will be required.

It is necessary to understand that TestoFuel is not a panacea. You cannot just take the capsules and wait for the muscles to start growing on their own. For this to happen, you have to continue your work-out at the gym every day. Therefore, if you are not ready to spend time and effort on this, TestoFuel is not the blue-ribbon-choice for you.



  • The supplement triggers the production of your testosterone. 
  • It is much safer than steroids.
  • You may get muscle growth, gains in muscle mass, increased stamina, decreased body fat%, improved libido.
  • There are only natural ingredients in the composition, without synthetic preservatives, and flavorings.
  • The supplement contains oyster extract, which is a rich source of zinc.
  • Company experts have investigated the dosage and action of the active components.
  • When ordering three packages on the official website, there is the possibility of free delivery worldwide.
  • If within 90 days, you do not notice any results, the company guarantees a refund.
  • There are dozens of “before” and “after” photos of impressive results on an official website.



  • There is a possible growth of side effects if you will take the supplement above the recommended dose.
  • The effect of certain active ingredients on testosterone levels is controversial.
  • There are difficulties with the return policy, and some users complain about it.
  • To achieve noticeable results, you have to work out, visit the gym, and eat a balanced diet.


Dosage and Pricing

When buying on the official website, the price of the product depends on the package:

  • ULTIMATE MUSCLE GAINER’S PACKAGE. The set includes three packs plus one free. In total, such a package is enough for you for four months. It also contains Nutrition & Workout guides. This set costs €135 and has free shipping worldwide.
  • TESTOFUEL – 2 MONTHS. The set is designed for two months of use and includes two packs of capsules. When ordering, free shipping to the USA and the UK is valid. The price of the set is €90.
  • TESTOFUEL – 1 MONTH. As the name implies, the kit includes one package of the supplement, which is enough for a month. The cost is €45. Unlike previous options, you have to pay for the delivery of this one. 

As for the dosage, the manufacturer recommends taking the supplement four times a day, one capsule. It is most convenient to do this during your usual meals with a small amount of water. It is imperative not to exceed the recommended dose, as this can lead to side effects.


Where should you buy it?

If you want to be sure of the quality of the product, I recommend buying it only on the official website. In this case, you exclude the risk of purchasing a fake. Besides, when purchasing directly from the manufacturer, you can count on a money-back guarantee if the supplement does not fit you.


How long does it take to work?

Of course, the body of each person works differently. There is no one scheme universal for all men. Someone needs two months for the supplement to start working, and someone notes an improvement in their condition by the end of the first month. As for me, I noticed the first changes already at the ending of the first month. 


Does TestoFuel have side effects?

The active ingredients of TestoFuel are harmless and healthy. However, any of them can harm the body if you have an intolerance. 


This T-booster will only benefit you if you take it following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Exceeding the prescribed dosage can lead to the appearance of such side effects:

  • acne;
  • breast enlargement (gynecomastia);
  • digestive disorders;
  • headache and dizziness;
  • irritability, etc.


How does it compare with others?

A wide range of T-boosters is available on the modern supplement market. All of them differ from each other, mainly in their composition. I suggest you compare the composition of TestoFuel and other popular T-boosters.


TestoFuel Vs. Testogen

The main difference between these two T-boosters is in their composition. Testogen includes the same ingredients as TestoFuel plus some other ones:    

  • Bioperine, obtained from black pepper, acts as a conductor, which enhances the action of the remaining components of the product.
  • Nettle Leaf Extract has a beneficial effect on the condition of the prostate gland and also prevents the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. However, these data were obtained from studies in rats, not in humans.
  • Boron boosts free testosterone and lowers estrogen levels.

At the same time, TestoFuel contains Oyster Extract, and Testogen doesn’t. 


TestoFuel Vs. Prime Male

The same company – Roar Ambition manufacture both products. Their main difference lies in their audience. Prime male is mainly recommended for mature and older men with low testosterone. TestoFuel is intended for those whose main task is to gain muscle mass with relatively healthy (or slightly lower) testosterone. Also, Prime male contains components that are not in TestoFuel. These are Luteolin, Mucuna Pruriens Extract, and Nettle Root Extract. You may check our Prime Male review here.


TestoFuel FAQs

Q: Does TestoFuel work?

Yes, it does if you have right set of expectations. You can expect better performance in the gym and bed, but only if you have relatively healthy or slightly lower testosterone levels.

Q: Is it safe?

Yes, the composition of this product is natural and safe, without synthetic components.

Q: Who may take TestoFuel?

The supplement is designed for men who work out in the gym and want to improve their performance. Female athletes are not recommended to take this supplement, as it can lead to masculinization.

Q: Is it a scam? 

No, this is not. However, because the return policy on the official website has specific difficulties, some users believe that the manufacturer is trying to deceive them. If you deal with the return policy, such doubts will not arise.

Q: Does GNC sell TestoFuel? 

It is better to buy TestoFuel on the official website of the manufacturer since. In this case, you can count on certain benefits (money back, discounts when buying three packages at a time).

Q: Any TestoFuel coupon code? 

No. My recommendation is still this: buy the product on the official website. And if there will be some promotions or discounts, they will automatically be taken into account.

Q: How long should I take?

The manufacturer recommends taking four capsules every day for at least two months. This time is usually enough for the first signs of increased testosterone to appear.


Final Words

TestoFuel is an effective natural supplement that may stimulate testosterone production. Of course, this is not a cure-all that will solve all your problems, but with regular training in the gym, it can indeed improve your results.                              





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