TestoGen Review : Ingredients, Scientific Studies, and My Experience [2020]

If you lift iron, at least once in your life, you thought about how to accelerate muscle growth. That is why so many jocks are tempted to start taking steroids. These injections do accelerate the anabolic processes in the body; however, the list of their side effects is so extensive that I would not recommend anyone to deal with them.

Instead, there is a more natural and safer way to improve your condition and gain muscle mass. I’m talking about T-boosters. Unlike steroids, T-boosters are composed of natural ingredients and trigger the production of your testosterone.

I want to tell you about one of them – TestoGen. I analyzed its composition and action of its active components, so in this article, I will try to answer the question of whether TestoGen is useful for increasing testosterone.

 What is TestoGen?

TestoGen is a nutritional supplement, one of the best sellers of the year 2019, enhancing male testosterone production. The British brand of the same name releases it. According to the manufacturer, all of its supplements, including TestoGen, are produced in FDA-approved factories from 100% natural premium components.

The official website indicates that the use of the supplement helps at solving the following problems:

  •     Increased strength.
  •     Elimination of fatigue.
  •     Fat burning.
  •     It is increasing libido and stamina.

Let’s see if the active components of this T-booster do help achieve these goals.


Ingredients and Scientific Studies 

The main advantage of T-boosters in general and TestoGen, in particular, is that natural active components represent their composition. Traditionally, such supplements include plant extracts, vitamins, and mineral micro and macro elements. Their action should be directed to the gentle activation of testosterone synthesis by your body. Let’s find out if the components of TestoGen cope with this task.

  • Magnesium. There is a study that proves the relationship between magnesium and male testosterone levels. Taking magnesium-containing supplements provoked an increase in the content of free and total testosterone in the body. To a greater extent, this applied to those involved in sports, although inactive men also had an increase in testosterone. Unfortunately, many men do not get enough magnesium with food. As a result, they suffer from a lack of magnesium, which provokes not only a decrease in testosterone but also irritability, sleep problems, heart rhythm disturbances. Therefore, if you can’t eat magnesium-rich foods every day (for example, spinach, pumpkin seeds, and almonds), magnesium supplements will come in handy. 


  •     Vitamin D. Several studies have shown that vitamin D correlates with testosterone levels in the male body. One of the primary evidence of this connection is seasonal fluctuations in the level of androgens: in summer, it is usually higher than in winter. And given that Vitamin D deficiency is one of the severe problems our generation is facing, the importance of taking supplements with these vitamins is warranted. According to a study conducted in the United States in 2001-2006, up to 8% of the population is at risk of developing Vitamin D deficiency, and another 24% is in the group of insufficient intake of this Vitamin. 


  • Boron. This chemical element cuts both ways. On the one hand, studies are proving an increase in the production of free testosterone by 28.3% while taking boron. At the same time, it provokes a short-term decrease in estrogen by 39%. On the other hand, it is undesirable to allow the long-term intake of supplements with boron since, after four weeks of constant intake, it provokes the growth of estrogen. Ingredients


  •  Nettle Leaf Extract. Experiments conducted on male rats showed that nettle leaf extract could act as an additional means of increasing testosterone. Its main effect is that it prevents the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Besides, this extract binds to SHGB as a result of which testosterone can circulate freely in the blood.  


  •     Vitamin K1. According to the manufacturer, Vitamin K 1 was included in the supplement to enhance the action of vitamin D. Vitamin K itself has a beneficial effect on the state of bone tissue and provokes wound healing. However, it is crucial to know that if you are taking certain anticoagulants (in particular Warfarin), you should not allow an excess of vitamin K in foods and nutritional supplements.


  •    D-Aspartic Acid. The central studies of the effects of D-Aspartic Acid were conducted in male rats. They showed a good result: rat testosterone levels increased. As for people, here, the results were more contradictory. Some studies suggest that there was no marked increase in testosterone when taking D-Aspartic Acid. At the same time, the manufacturer notes that TestoGen contains more D-Aspartic Acid than other products in this niche.


  • Fenugreek Extract.  Fenugreek extract contains saponins. These are substances that help restore spermatogenesis, improve endocrine gland function, and increase testosterone production. Fenugreek also provokes insulin production and helps to gain muscle mass. 


  • Red Ginseng Extract. Ginseng root is widely known in Oriental medicine as an effective aphrodisiac that enhances libido and male stamina. Thanks to its saponins, ginseng helps to increase the level of total and free testosterone in plasma . Also, this plant gives vigor and improves the functioning of the organs of the cardiovascular system.


  • Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is involved in many processes and is necessary for the work of the whole organism. As for its effect on testosterone levels, Vitamin B6 prevents the conversion of this hormone to estradiol.


  •  Zink. Zinc can have a significant effect on the male body since this mineral affects spermatogenesis and the functioning of the prostate. Also, some studies show that zinc boosts testosterone levels. However, this does not happen in all men, but only in those for whom it is markedly reduced. If testosterone is almost within normal limits, a marked increase is not observed [17]. Also, zinc is part of many aphrodisiacs (for example, oysters and other seafood).


  •   Bioperine. Bioperine is obtained from black pepper. It acts as an amplifier for all other active components of the T-booster. Besides, studies were conducted on male mice, which showed that black pepper extract potentially affects sexual behavior. However, similar studies in humans have not been conducted. 


Dosage and Timing

The manufacturer recommends taking four capsules in the morning, 20 minutes before breakfast. The optimal scheme of taking is two months and a half weeks break. Then the same schedule can be repeated. 

Compliance with the manufacturer’s recommended dose is critical. Remember: you cannot abuse T-boosters. If you will, it can be harmful not only because of an overdose that can lead to poor health but also for another reason. The fact is that T-boosters are a double-edged sword that can slow down the synthesis of your natural testosterone if you take them in handfuls with no control.


What kind of Results can you Except?

The manufacturer claims that, on average, a week later, users note a surge of energy and improved mood, and muscle growth begins not so soon. However, no one can tell you exactly when the T-booster will start working. For all men, this time is different, because everyone has different testosterone levels and the body works in its own way. Someone can take the capsule for only a few days, and this is enough for the first signs to appear. And someone has to wait a few weeks.

As for me, I felt an improvement in my mood within a couple of days (although I must say that even before that, I was quite optimistic).


Side Effects 

The advantage of this supplement is that it does not contain artificial hormones like anabolic steroids. Therefore, it does not provoke the appearance of acne, breast growth, and other problems that steroids are notorious for. So the only complication could probably be an allergic reaction if any of the components of the T-booster are not suitable for you.

As for me, I did not notice any complications either during the taking of TestoGen or after I quit it. Also, I found no evidence on the Internet that any of the users faced side effects.


Where to Buy?

Many online sites offer TestoGen among their products. Of course, you can buy it there. But I would not advise doing this.

The safest option is to buy the T-booster on the manufacturer’s official website. In this case, you can count on a refund within 60 days if you do not like the product. Also, when buying on third-party resources, there is always a chance to get a fake. But on the official website, there is no such danger.



On the official website, there are several options for sets. Depending on the number of packages, the price may be higher or lower. 

  •     The most profitable option is to buy three packages (for three months) at a time. In this case, you get two packs for free (that is, for another two months of taking) and a book with tips. The price is £120.
  •     If you buy the supplement for two months (360 capsules), the cost is £80.
  •     And finally, when you buy a package for a month (120 capsules), the price is £40.
  •     There is also a combo purchase option on the site. For £55-180, you can get not only TestoGen but also from one to five Testo-drops bottles.


My Experience

Every man is aware of what testosterone is and what it is needing. And if you know nothing about the subject, then maybe you are not under your mid-thirties yet. Because most guys usually face the slow loss of testosterone right at this age. And I am not an exception. When I reached the age of 36, I decided that it was the right time to think about my testosterone level. 

I can’t say that I had any apparent problems with testosterone: I was not bald; I had no difficulties with erection. But by this time, I began to feel less energetic than I was a couple of years ago. I still had sex with my wife, but also not as often as before. And finally, my main problem was that I began to gain weight. So, I decided to go to the gym and thought about taking T-boosters.

Of course, I understand that taking TestoGen is not enough to correct testosterone levels if it is significantly reduced. The endocrine system is a complex mechanism, the operation of which depends on many factors. Therefore, if someone tells you that you have to take a magic pill and then your low testosterone will instantly sky-high, then something is wrong. But on the other hand, this supplement can contribute to improving overall well-being, accelerating muscle growth, and improving libido if the testosterone is slightly lowered. Counting on a miracle is not worth it, but it is still possible to achieve some results.

So, I was taking TestoGen for four months. Every morning, before breakfast, I took four capsules with a glass of water. On the recommendation of the manufacturer, after the first two months, I took a break of 1.5 weeks and then resumed this scheme again. Unfortunately, I did not receive a blood test before and after this experience, so I can’t document changes in my testosterone level. However, based on my feelings, I am sure that choosing TestoGen was the right solution.

  •     I became more energetic and got better sleep. I used to have problems getting up in the mornings, and before lunch, I was usually very sleepy. By the end of the first week of taking TestoGen, I felt that I had the strength and energy in the morning.
  •     It has become more comfortable for me to work out in the gym and lift the iron. Every week I increased the number of exercises. I wanted more!
  •     I do not know what affected my fat loss higher: the fact that I began to train more or the fact that I took TestoGen. But the point remains: during these four months, my belly fat transformed in the cubes of the press.
  •     This thing does improve libido! My wife began to attract me even more, and our sex again became like it was in college. I am satisfied; she is satisfied – what else is needed?



  •     Natural ingredients.
  •     Safe increase in testosterone without side effects.
  •     Increased stamina, fat burning, better libido.
  •     A world-famous manufacturer.
  •     Free shipping.
  •     You can return the purchase within 60 days if you don’t like it and get money back.
  •     There are discounts if you order several bottles at once.



  •     On the official website of the manufacturer, there is no page with user reviews.
  •     Buying one bottle is unprofitable, and ordering three right away can be expensive.
  •     The effect of certain active ingredients on humans is controversial.


TestoGen vs. TestoFuel

Both T-boosters have a similar composition. The difference is that TestoFuel contains oyster extract – a source of zinc and an aphrodisiac known since ancient times. On the other hand, TestoGen has additional components that are not in TestoFuel. These are Boron, Bioperine, and Nettle Leaf Extract.


TestoGen vs. PrimeMale

PrimeMale contains the same components as TestoGen. However, it contains something that is not in TestoGen. I am talking about Luteolin and Mucuna Pruriens. In addition to differences in composition, these T-boosters differ in their actions. TestoGen is recommended for middle-aged men with no apparent testosterone deficiency, while PrimeMale is better suited for older men.



TestoGen is an additional source of vitamins and minerals that stimulate your testosterone production. If you do not have a pronounced lack of this hormone and you only want to improve your shape and mood, this T-booster can be useful for you. Make sure you buy from their official website to avoid fake products.




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  • Effective Ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Very effective for many users


  • Not Cheap

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